Yes, there could be a ‘President Trump’


00_LuciusGanttIt appears as though the words “President Trump” are terrifying to many Americans. But the words “President Hillary” are equally nightmarish!

To the astute politicos in the United States, it would not be a surprise if Trump beat Hillary Clinton like a drum in the November election to decide the new president of the United States of America!

If you believe the imperialist press, there is a strong belief among America’s registered voters that any “outsider” would be better than any “insider” elected to serve as president.

Not only is businessman Donald Trump a political outsider, so to speak. Trump’s views on trade, immigration, equal rights, women’s rights and justice are clearly out of this world!

Well, this year as in every recent election year, America’s registered Black voters will decide who gets elected president.

Can I prove it? Yes!
Today, America’s White voters are more divided than ever before. White Democrats hate other White Democrats and White Republicans hate other White Republicans – perhaps more than the members of the two major political parties hate members of the opposing party!

And the masses of African-American registered voters have little love for either proposed nominee or either major political party.

Yes, the modern-day political house Negroes have endorsed the Democratic candidate. But those endorsements didn’t stop Black voters from voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s foremost challenger, in Democratic Party presidential primaries.

Endorsements from Tom and Jemima didn’t stop activists, like those in the Black Lives Matter movement, from protesting at Clinton campaign events.

And the head-scratching and nods by Amos and Andy and Sapphire couldn’t stop Black newspapers, Black Internet sites, Black bloggers and Black journalists from being very critical of Democratic candidates and their dismal record of political spending with Black political professionals and in Black communities!

Ignored, abused
Black voters have been ignored, misused and abused by all political parties for far too long.

The fake messages Blacks get from Barack and Michelle Obama asking for money every time they check their email accounts has not done one thing to make Black voters feel more wanted and respected!

Clueless political consultants are being paid huge sums of money to trick women into believing things will be better if a woman was elected president. I don’t know that to be true; nor does anyone else.

What I do know is that President Obama was a very good president, but he was not “good” for the Black voters that propelled him into office! The moneychangers, corporations and war mongers that controlled other presidents controlled Obama, too.

Partying down
Yes, many, many African-Americans were invited to concerts and dinners at the White House.

But how can you sit at the White House banquet table and see something on the Goldman Sachs plate, something on the Halliburton plate, something on the gays’ plate, something on the women’s plate, and something on the Hispanics’ plate – while you don’t even have a plate – and call yourself a diner?

The big presidential campaign contributors got fed. But Black people and Black voters remained politically starved like they have always been!

It could happen
Don’t be surprised that the redneck’s dream of a President Trump turns into reality because of the Democratic Party’s tendency to take Black votes for granted.

If Black voters stay home or don’t vote in extraordinary numbers, or don’t vote for either presidential candidate, “Trump the chump” could easily become the next president of the United States!

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