Who’s afraid of the wolf?


01-glenford02It’s December 2015. In these days and times, more and more people are afraid of the wolf.

The devil’s news networks and the imperialist press suggest that the good and righteous people of America and the world should be fearful of the “lone wolf.”

If Goldilocks, the three bears and Little Red Riding Hood are not afraid of the big, bad wolf, you shouldn’t be scared of the wolf either!

No such thing
In my mind, there is no lone wolf! No man, or wolf, stands alone.

The forest wolf or the terrorist wolf is like any other wolf. Even if the terrorist wolf appears to strike alone, come from out of nowhere and goes on a suicide mission to kill himself or herself and others, that wolf has gotten instruction, inspiration, or motivation from someone else!

Any wolf, four-legged or two-legged, that would use weapons of mass destruction on innocent people is not a brave wolf. That kind of wolf is a punk!

If you want to be a fighting wolf, be a wolf that fights for equal rights, justice, truth and righteousness!

A punk
A lone or single wolf is a punk, because one punkish wolf doesn’t want to have a fair fight with one of you. A punk lone wolf wants to bring pipe bombs and assault rifles to a fistfight.

A punk lone wolf wants to prey on unarmed people at a church bible study. A punk lone wolf wants to kill doctors and pregnant women at a women’s health clinic. A punk lone wolf wants to kill innocent bystanders on the streets of the world’s largest and smallest cities.

No, there are no lone wolves. People described as lone wolves are merely Satan’s puppets masquerading as single wolves.

Even a child knows that real wolves run in packs. In fact, the strength of most wolves is in the strength of the wolfpack!

One exception
There is one exception to the wolf pack theory and that exception is akin to America’s so-called Negro leadership.

A real wolf is a fighter, a predator, a hunter and a survivor that can live through the rain, snow, cold, and storms.  A real wolf follows the leader of the wolfpack. A real wolf doesn’t take orders from the chicken, the sheep, or the snake!

However, the African-American leadership wolf is a “zoo wolf,” a wolf that can’t fight, can’t hunt and can’t survive unless the zookeeper wants him to survive! The Negro leadership wolf can’t eat unless the enemy zookeeper feeds him. The Negro leadership wolf wouldn’t last a day in the concrete jungles of America’s, and other cities, ghettos, barrios and low-income housing projects!

When you get rid of the terrorist wolf, you should also eliminate or get rid of the zoo wolf that pretends to be the Black man’s savior and guide to progress!

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