What are you afraid of on Halloween?


It’s mid-October. Before you know it, devils in the United States and in countries around the world will be celebrating their most cherished holiday: Halloween!

Halloween is the time when the wicked and deceitful dress up like witches and warlords and ghosts and goblins and fill their big bellies with pumpkin pie fillings and spicy orange lattes from Dunkin Donuts!

People get scared on Halloween. They watch scary movies. They listen to scary music. They sneak up behind each other and say, “Boo!”

Always afraid
But many African-Americans don’t get scared on Halloween, because they live in fear 24-7-365!

Blacks are scared to stand up, scared to speak up, scared to protest, scared to mobilize, scared to organize and really, really scared to fight for what is right for themselves and for their communities!

Why are they so afraid?

They fear if they do what any other race would do they would lose their titles, they would lose their appointments, they would lose their positions or possibly, they would lose their meager jobs!

Well, the Satan-worshipping Halloween lovers have their own fears.

The devil fears a Black planet! 

Fear of ‘color’
They are afraid of what will happen if too many pale men and women continue to date and marry people of color. If Blacks and non-Blacks go half and half on baby after baby, those children will be Black!

So people that rightfully or wrongfully feel that the White race is a pure and superior race must do all they can to preach separatism, teach separatism and put their women on such a high pedestal that non-Whites could ever reach them or at least reach out and touch them, so to speak.

Since rich and wealthy people of color like athletes, entertainers and some business people interact and socialize more, it seems, with non-Blacks than with their own kind, intermingling may just be by coincidence rather than design. Whatever the reason, anybody with eyes can see that there is far more interracial dating and marriages today than there were 20 or 30 years ago.

No one is suggesting that love at first sight doesn’t exist. It is obvious, I would think, that no one really knows in advance whom they will fall in love with. I’m just saying that color confrontation is alive and well.

Quit being scared
If you and your community want to do better, improve and progress, quit being a scary cat!

In the devil’s eyes, the Black revolutionary, the Uncle Tom and the Aunt Jemima are all “niggers!” They are all “thugs,” they are all threats. It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female, how rich or poor they are, how light or dark they are, how old or young they are, or how docile or how rebellious they are. They will all get shot and killed when someone stands their ground or claims their lives were in danger!  

Don’t be scared on Halloween. Don’t be afraid on any holiday, or any day for that matter.

Our ancestors that lost their lives in the Middle Passage, during slavery days, during the Jim Crow era, in the civil rights movement and even in the Black Lives Matter movement overcame whatever fears they had to make life better for us.

Don’t be so afraid. The only thing that can stop you from a better life is fear itself!

If you die fighting for yourself, for your family or for your community, it is a worthy death!

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