Top R&B and hip hop songs about the pandemic



During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some of the world’s biggest Black musicians are using their talents to create anthems that call for unity and offer musical lyrics that the global community can resonate with. There are actually more R&B, hip hop and reggae songs about the coronavirus pandemic than most would believe. Here are some of them.

‘Good Job’

As a nod to essential workers, Alicia Keys dedicates her voice to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. In her song, she thanks all the health care workers who have worked through this pandemic and helped keep America in motion.

‘Coronavirus Song

(The Rona Song)’ This song, fused with a blend of R&B, hip hop and autotune, is a first-hand look into our new reality. The Undiscovered Artist sings about how a once normal trip to the grocery store has transformed into a virus guessing game. The song is based on the artist’s personal experience with his son who was refused a COVID-19 test.

‘I Believe We Will win’

Mr. Worldwide himself has harnessed his party starter energy into a motivational track reassuring citizens of their strength. uses his organic rap cadence to provide a motive to keep pushing through it all.

‘Coronavirus Song’

This viral video turned song was the breakout hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. The viral producer iMarkKeyz took 10 minutes of his time to remix one of Cardi B’s rants and the rest is history.

‘Six Feet’

Novant Health partnered with legendary rapper and entertainer Doug E. Fresh for a play on his famous “6 minutes” lyric into a fun message on social distancing.



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