Time to turn out, ‘turn up’ for a better Florida



It was barely two years ago and at the end of an issues-dominated legislative session when a memorable conversation took place. That year, my caucus members and I had used every tactic available to us, including forcing bills to be read in their entirety, to draw attention to the issue of health coverage for all Floridians.

After the session winded down, I had an earnest exchange with a few enlightened friends. I told them I thought it was regrettable that they had not engaged and joined those of us who fought to secure desperately needed health care for hard-working Floridians.

They responded, to my surprise, that I had not engaged them! 

 I won’t make that mistake again.

Get engaged now
We cannot afford to allow another opportunity to gain health coverage for so many people to pass us by. 

If you agree with so many others and me that there’s a crisis in people lacking health coverage in Florida, then now is the time to get engaged and to demand that state officials act on a solution available to them.

More than 850,000 Floridians are being unnecessarily denied basic health care so that a few officeholders – the Republican leaders in the Florida House of Representatives and the state’s governor – can score political points with some of their supporters.

But their reasoning is illogical and their excuses are lame.

It’s time that the governor and the House do what’s long been asked of them and to accept for Florida the billions of dollars that are available to expand health care.

Stand together
We, along with the business community, are subsidizing our fellow citizens forced to use emergency rooms for basic medical care.

It’s a time for our Baptist, Methodist, Protestant and Jewish congregations and other statewide leaders to stand together to call on the Florida House and Gov. Rick Scott to act in the best interest of all Floridians.

It’s time for the NAACP, the Urban League, ACLU, unions and trade groups to join hands and demand that stubborn state officials do the right thing for the people who each day find themselves having to make the decision of whether to eat or to medicate.

Now is the time for all organizations – the Greek organizations from Alphas to Zetas – the Masonic family, Charmettes, and the 100 Black Men to take to the streets and, if necessary, to storm Florida’s capital in peaceful protest as another legislative session comes to a close without adequate help for the working poor.

Finally, to our young people and their organizations, we need you to turn out and ‘
turn up ‘for your neighbors and friends. Come and get involved with the enthusiasm that’s only afforded the young.

It’s time that we all recognize that this is the time to turn out and turn up for a better Florida!
Perry E. Thurston, Jr. is the past Florida Democratic House Leader and is a current candidate for Florida Senate District 31.



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