The Ukrainegate farce


The Democrats are hoping that Ukrainegate will succeed where Russiagate failed and they can win the presidency without helping their voters. 

Donald Trump is not a very smart man. His decision to fire FBI Director James Comey is proof. That rash act sparked the Robert Mueller investigation which lasted for two years and did great damage to his administration. 

Yet when all was said and done it ended with convictions for nothing except process crimes and Mueller looking foolish when grandstanding Democrats insisted that he testify even after he made clear that he didn’t want to do that.

Another fiasco 

Fast forward two years and Trump’s bad decision making created another problem. 

On July 25, 2019, just one day after Mueller’s disastrous testimony, Trump foolishly asked the new Ukraininan president to investigate Joe Biden. 

Biden was the Obama administration point man for the newly colonized Ukraine after the U.S. engineered a coup. Biden’s influence got his son a $50,000 per month position on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company.  

The Bidens’ actions were definitely corrupt but Trump should have left that alone. 

Others done worse 

Other presidents have done far worse in their interventions against foreign governments but they knew not to leave personal fingerprints on dubious activity. Presidents always give themselves deniability but Trump couldn’t help but involve himself directly and create a new scandal. But like Russiagate, Ukrainegate has smoke but no fire.

There are only Democrats eager for headlines, opportunities for phony resistance, and a corporate media in sync with their motives. 

Now that hearings have officially begun Ukrainegate is a sickening propaganda parade. 

A stupid call 

Liberals get weak in the knees because someone in military uniform says that Trump is a danger. A former ambassador is a Trump target on Twitter and turns into an overnight celebrity for the fake opposition.

Trump’s phone call may have been stupid, but a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with Ukraine makes his request legal. Perhaps that is why the Democrats suddenly moved from incessantly talking about a quid pro quo to blathering about bribery. 

NAACP’s two cents 

Over-hyped Congressman Adam Schiff orchestrates an investigation when it isn’t clear if a crime was committed at all. The Democratic Party captives in the Black misleadership class perform as expected. 

On the day the impeachment hearings began, the NAACP stated, “With impeachment hearings officially underway, the evidence presented today is incontrovertible proof that Donald Trump abused the office of the presidency to sacrifice our country’s interests for his personal and political gain.” 

It isn’t clear how the NAACP had incontrovertible proof of anything from hearings that had just begun. But they know their role in the political process and signed on to what will be another political debacle. 

Deadly civil war 

Ukraine is a failed state with a deadly civil war because of Barack Obama. He continued what every American president had done since the fall of the Soviet Union. 

The relentless push to expand NATO up to Russia’s border resulted in the elected Ukrainian president being driven from office and neo-Nazi parties running that country. But even Obama knew that arming the government would inflame tensions and he refused to do it. 

Don’t follow them

All the talk of protecting Ukraine is a sham meant to dredge up the Russian asset charge that Trump resurrected with his own stupidity. 

It is also a farce because the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives can impeach but only the Republican-controlled Senate can remove from office. 

The Republicans have no incentive to get rid of Trump and the Democrats know it. 

The Democrats may well create a second Trump term in office. 

The contradictions demand that they behave as they do. But no one has to follow them. 

The Democrats are hastening their own demise and the sooner the people realize it the better off they will be. They don’t deserve salvation. The sooner this faux political party dies off the better.


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