The real Trump coup, putting whiteness first


Trump is a political force, even as he leaves the White House. He is the true face of the Republican Party, even as “never Trumpers” claim otherwise.

Not only do his supporters agree that he was cheated, but they protest in support of him as they did in the Million MAGA March in Washington. They got what they wanted when Trump showed up himself to drive through an adoring crowd.

The ‘shy Trumper’

This is the coup, such as it is. There weren’t Proud Boys attacking Black people on Election Day, there are just more aggrieved White people now than when he won in 2016.

Trump gained an additional seven million votes in his losing effort. There is a reservoir of support for him but once again the pollsters didn’t know it.

It is obvious that many of his supporters keep their opinions to themselves. One Republican polling company predicted a Trump win.

They were wrong, but not by much and they explain the need to find the “shy” Trump voter. They aren’t shy at all, but they do cover up. Who wants to be thought of as a deplorable?

They may not come out of the closet to pollsters, but they support Trump strongly. It doesn’t matter how others feel or if social media companies tell them not to listen.

No coup

There are other skeptics who side with Trump in his claims of fraud. They are entitled to do so and should present some evidence for their claims. But they are also incorrect when they call the election a coup against Trump.

However, the fault is not completely theirs. The elites have created a failed state and that produces great cynicism and loss of trust. Millions of people believe nothing they are told and lean on their opinions as if they were facts.

The people undermining democracy are the establishment figures who gerrymander districts, the military industrial complex which buys off both parties, and the prosecutors who always find a way to keep Black people behind bars.

Donald Trump is exercising his legal rights and the media who censor him or editorialize instead of reporting accurately are the ones destabilizing the system yet again.

But there’s corruption

Of course, Trump would have less success if the Democrats offered people what they need. The state of Florida offers an object lesson. Floridians voted for Trump again but also voted to increase their state minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The angry White racists will surely remain amongst us, but some of them would be peeled off if they saw a clear personal advantage in voting for Democrats.

If that party were half as inclusive and as helpful to working people as it claims, there would never have been a Trump presidency at all.

There is no coup, just the corruption we are told to accept. Trump will throw bombs on his way out the door. He changed politics forever but the way to beat him is simple.

Just meet the people’s needs. Had that happened, far fewer of them would have followed a failed businessman and reality television star who marketed himself as presidential material. Biden will succeed him but because the Democrats are dedicated to doing as little as possible to help the people, Trump may still win in the end. He had plenty of help from his opponents in making the country ungovernable.

Margaret Kimberley is a cofounder of and writes a weekly column there. Contact her at



  1. Once trump wins this election you should apologize and retire for reporting lies. Shame, shame ms Black agenda. Funny how quick you bring up Peoples colors only shows a weak minded writer. Happy thanksgiving, May god shine light on your dark soul.


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