‘The Prince of Pan- Afrikanism’


Dr. Umar Johnson to lecture in Florida


JACKSONVILLE – The self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan-Afrikanism,” Dr. Umar Johnson, is coming to Florida.

Dr. Umar Johnson takes American education to task in print and online.

Pan-Africanism promotes freedom, unity, self-determination, and self-sufficiency as well as economic, political and social independence for Africans and their descendants worldwide. 

Johnson, a certified school psychologist and advocate of Pan-Africanism who shot to national prominence with the release of the popular “Hidden Colors” video series, will deliver a Ujimaa Kwanzaa message at the Regency Square Mall Event Planning Center in Jacksonville on December 28.

His Kwanzaa tour includes stops in Baltimore on December 26 and in Detroit on December 30. 

“I’ve been on this tour for six years. My tour isn’t about the cultural aspects of Kwanzaa but it is more politically-minded,” Johnson told the Florida Courier.

He will appear at Fort Lauderdale’s Rev. Samuel Delevoe Memorial Park on January 18, 2017 in what’s called “Meeting of the Minds #1: Building A Revolutionary Academy For Our Children.”

The way forward
Johnson believes that Black America must embrace Black nationalism.

“All ethnic groups in the U.S. build culturally realities that are self-sustaining. Indians, Chinese, Jews, Arabs and everyone else has their own. Everyone practices nationalism in the U.S. except Black people. If we don’t embrace our own nationalism, we will continue to be the last fiddle and a permanent underclass in society.”

According to Johnson, most Black people deny who they are.

“It starts with identity. Blacks identify more with being American than African despite the injustice, racism, police brutality, incarceration and unemployment that they face here in America. They just make a disconnection between themselves and Africans.”

Johnson says that voting is important, but Black America must go further.

“Voting is irrelevant until Blacks organize the vote. We must supplement a strategy that is important to politicians.

“Politicians protect power, not earn it. People get into politics to protect power. You become president to protect power. Every president, senator and lawmaker either already comes into office as a millionaire and/or leaves as a millionaire and sometimes billionaire.”

Different ‘lives’
Johnson supports ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but warns that it is two different movements.

“There are two Black Lives Matter entities. The first is the grassroots movement which started in Ferguson, Mo. I support that one. The other is the official one, but is organized and funded by Whites,” said  Johnson.

Black-owned media critical
The Black media has an important role to play in uplifting Black America.

“We need our own information. We need a Pan-African intelligence network that is not diluted to get our message across.  Propaganda serves for economic and military action. We must control our image. It costs, though.

“The United States spends over $5 billion on misinformation in the media. Seventy-five percent of Black media outlets are about sensationalism and don’t cover what needs to be covered. It’s entertainment-driven. They are worried about Kanye going to the hospital, reality TV, etc.”

Focus on education
Johnson is critical of the American education system. He is convinced that it is crippling Black youth and putting them into a school-to-prison pipeline.

“The No. 1 function of the American school system is to train Black kids to be American. They might can’t read or write, but they know the national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

“Blacks are taught to do more to be accepted by Whites. Blacks who assimilate into society are taught to be loyal to and defend the White supremacy system,” Johnson explained.

During his Kwanzaa tour, Johnson says he will emphasize critical issues for Black parents with regard to educating Black children, such as school rights and school law; the “special education” process; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and psychological education, including information on medications that Johnson believes are destroying Black children’s capacities to think; and students’ First Amendment rights, especially the right to remain silent during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Johnson is also advocating for the National Individual Black Parent Association, a new organization which he says will assist parents in fighting racism in schools.

“We must educate our children. We want to reach out to the parents. Parents play a role in uplifting our people. There is a lot of information that Black parents need that is effective legally and professionally in a world that is made to manipulate them,” Johnson exclaimed.

Johnson also want to create the Frederick Douglas-Marcus Garvey Academy, a school to teach African males worldwide.

Trump no worse
Johnson isn’t upset about Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump.

“Trump will be no worse than the George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush,” Johnson believes.  Still, he thinks, “The doom and gloom coming from Black folks has merit.

“Trump will just ignore Blacks like other Republican presidents. Blacks can’t complain. (Barack) Obama did nothing for us.

“Trump got more Black votes than the last two Republican candidates combined. Young Blacks didn’t look at (the election) from the civil rights movement’s standpoint. Instead, they were disgruntled with Obama and the Democrats, who give them nothing.”

Unite and fight
Johnson thinks that a Trump presidency could benefit Blacks.

He explained, “It can help us politically and economically to unite and lift ourselves up out of despair. The Obama illusion is over. The Obama illusion hypnotized us into believing that we would be accepted into American society. We are back to overt and traditional racism. Now we can get back to solving our own problems.”

Johnson hasn’t shied away from criticizing Obama.

“Obama did nothing for Black people. He passed legislation that favored immigrants, women and gays – but not Blacks. Obama became president because he was accepted by Whites.

“Other than being a Black president of a White country, the world would not have known about him. There are Black presidents of Black nations worldwide.”

For more on Dr. Umar Johnson, his Kwanzaa Tour and other events, go to www.drumarjohnson.com.




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