Talking Race and Politics in Cars launches from Orlando

Jason Henry is a political strategist and communications professional who works with candidates and elected officials to help shape their communications and political strategy. He is one of the hosts of the new show.


TRAP: Talking Race and Politics in Cars launched on Aug. 20 on YouTube. TRAP features three Florida journalists, Don Miller, Jason Henry and Rhetta Hussein. These three journalists often talk race and politics amongst themselves but decided to set up a camera in the car and invite controversial guests to discuss the hottest issues with not even a hint of a script.

On YouTube, each episode is broken down into no more than 15 minutes each. Once the show launches on television, each episode will be a half-hour.

TRAP hosts currently have episodes with Randy Ross, an openly gay Trump supporter, Alex Andrews a former sex worker turned activist hoping to decriminalize sex work and Jacob Engles, a controversial figure in Orlando and a supporter/member of the Proud Boys in the can.

Future episodes feature guests like Richard Spencer, the father of the alt-right movement or as he calls it “identitarianism,” political candidates, elected officials and a multitude of controversial people.

“Three Black voices coming together from different perspectives to talk politics and race in a real and poignant way is needed in today’s political environment. TRAP is not only needed, it’s required,” Henry said.

Hussein noted, “On YouTube, we’ll discuss Orlando and national news. When the show launches nationally, our topics will be national, regional and local. Although the target demographic is adults ages 35-64, I wanted to create a show that is for anyone and everyone who likes politics regardless of race, age, gender or political affiliation.”

She added, “How we talk to each other is one of the most important things to me. We’re not here to create an atmosphere of hate, but to understand each other, educate, entertain and highly motivate our viewers into positive political action by tapping into issues that inspire them and sometimes we make them mad, sad and happy.” 



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