Summit at Morehouse will mentor young males

Above are male students that have been helped in previous years.


College Campus Tours, LLC has created a generational changing program that will enhance the college graduation rates for many students. It will present the inaugural Manifest Academy Leadership Summit at Morehouse College from July 7-10.

The Manifest Academy has developed the all-male leadership and mentoring program.

The summit will promote and empower students to become outstanding leaders, by identifying and developing their unique talents. The Manifest Academy is committed to helping students dominate in every discipline during their high school careers and beyond.

In addition, the program will help students develop a value, vision, and mission statements that will serve as their roadmap to success.

This leadership and mentoring program will place students in selected colleges with a rigorous major, without loans. The 2019 summit is open to rising ninth- grade male students that are committed to maximizing their unique gifts.

The Manifest Academy will address the following:

  • Leadership (Honesty, Respect, Responsibility)
  • Knowledge of Self (Confidence, Identify Talents / Gifts)
  • Academics (Intellectual Quotient, College Readiness, STEM)
  • Life Skills (Emotional Quotient, Speaking, Listening)
  • Health (Health Quotient, Healthy Eating, Growth)
  • Cultural Understanding (Cultural Quotient History, Art, Music, Sports)
  • Finance (Financial Quotient, Money, Investing, Saving)
  • Mentorship (High School, College, Graduate school)

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