Some officers have been Klan-picked


Once upon a time in America, one White man with a pot belly like Donald Trump wearing a White Colonel Sanders suit could control 15 strong, muscular and athletic Black slaves with a switch.

Nowadays, it takes two, three, four or more law enforcers to apprehend, choke or shoot an unarmed African American man or boy or a sleeping Black woman.

Who are these ruthless murderers in blue and brown shirts? They are the friends, family members, neighbors and descendants of kidnappers, slave traders and slave owners.

Modern slave trade

Four hundred years ago, the first Africans were taken from their Motherland by White people with guns, packed into slave ships like sardines in a can and shipped to America to provide free labor to build this country and to make white people rich and wealthy.

Once here, they were immediately exploited, oppressed, abused and misused by slave owners that whipped them, beat them, separated them and sold them.

Today, in the United States, and around the world, Black people are denied equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunities by people in power and by people with badges that took oaths to defend the laws of the land and to protect and serve citizens of all races, creeds and colors.

Well, how did so many biased and bigoted law enforcers find jobs with police departments and other law enforcement agencies?

I believe they were Klanpicked, hand-picked by the grandchildren and great grandchildren of hate-filled racists, supremacists and nationalists.

Racist recruiting

Law enforcers were in Tulsa, Oklahoma when the Black Wall Street in the Greenwood neighborhood was bombed and burned. Law enforcers were around and involved when the Rosewood, Florida Black community was burned and destroyed.

Law enforcers beat and maimed non-violent protestors on the Edmund Pettis bridge in Alabama and law enforcers ordered dogs to attack civil rights marchers in cities all across the United States and don’t forget it was law enforcers that recently shot protestors in their faces with rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray.

Let me explain

I’ve been writing for years about how police and other law enforcers have been inappropriately, irresponsibly and inadequately trained but there is another side that only The Gantt Report will write or talk about it.

Police departments also have racist recruiters. It is not a secret. Ku Klux Klansmen, neo Nazis, skinheads and other hate groups encourage their members and followers to apply for jobs in law enforcement.

Your president, your Congressmen and other elected officials know the type of law enforcers that are hired and assigned to police neighborhoods of color.

Newly hired, biased police recruits even volunteer to work in ghettos and barrios so they can do what they joined the police force to do, beat, choke, shoot and kill Black and minority men, women and children.

The Klan badge

Evil lawmen have more than a few chat rooms on social media, most are on the “dark web,” where they chat about mistreatment of people of color.

Police applicants that call Black citizens “niggers,” that openly discuss race wars and Black slaughter on police communications channels, are well aware that whatever they do to mistreat Blacks will be praised and defended by police unions.

They know that no matter how many Blacks they beat, wrongfully charge, wrongfully arrest and over prosecute they will never be held personally or publicly accountable because of limited immunity.

Not only are officers accused of misconduct not written up or reprimanded, oftentimes they are given raises, given plaques and promoted to positions like training director and recruitment officers who hire as many race haters as they can.

Enough is enough

The phrase of the day is “systematic racism.” Systems are not racist. The people who designed the system are racist. The people that work in the system are racist. And, the people that recruit, hire and train law enforcers are racist.

The apples don’t fall too far from the tree and the law enforcement tree has been bearing strange fruit from this country’s very beginning!

Enough is enough and enough is too much! Changing laws alone, will not curtail police misconduct because police murderers are not respectful of laws and order.

Get rid of bad police officers that insist on hiring and working with other bad law enforcers. I have no problem with law-abiding good cops.

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