ROOTS Weekend is underway in Eatonville


Alternate ROOTS is hosting a ROOTS Weekend Jan. 28-31 in Eatonville featuring artists, activists and cultural organizers to build community and share work through workshops, dialogues, visual arts, and performances.

Alternate ROOTS, a regional arts service organization with 40 years of history, is working in partnership with the annual ZORA! Festival, and programming will resonate with the art, anthropology, and legacy of Zora Neale Hurston.

160129_metro02Featured artists include Orlando-based visual artist Tamerlane Bey and Jacksonville-based cultural organizer Aleta Alston-Toure’. Bey will share “Black Gold; a quest for Reparations,’’ an exhibit. Alston-Toure’ will perform her solo work “Zora as an Anti-Oppression Activist’’ and will lead a People’s Movement Assembly.

The People’s Movement Assembly will discuss how the traditions of southern culture embodied in Hurston’s work serve as transformational remedies to some of our new-day genocidal ills. The full line up is listed on Alternate ROOTS’ website,

For more information, contact Mayaba Liebenthal,, 404-577-1079, ext. 303 or visit our website at



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