It may become difficult to get a ‘hard copy’ of the Florida Courier or the Daytona Times due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. You can still read complete weekly issues online at and, respectively.



Since 2006, the Florida Courier has shone a statewide journalistic light on the people, places and things of interest primarily to Black Floridians. With distribution of hard copies of the paper from Miami to Jacksonville, we have established ourselves as the state of Florida’s largest single Black-owned media outlet.

Our older sister newspaper, the Daytona Times, has served the same function for more than 41 years in East Central Florida, including Daytona Beach and its surrounding areas.

For the last 14 years, Black churches, Black-owned businesses, and public spaces like recreational centers and various city halls have served as reliable places for you to pick up your weekly copy of this newspaper.

In Daytona Beach, the Daytona Times has been distributed in some places every week for its entire 41-year history. That’s more than 2,100 weekly issues dropped off over the years.

Not business as usual

But as we now know, the local, state and national responses to the coronavirus crisis has disrupted every facet of small business activity in the nation. Our newspaper operation is no different.

We know that you depend on us inform you, entertain you, and even challenge you intellectually on a weekly basis throughout the state. And we will can continue do that, just as we always have.

However, throughout this disruption, it may become difficult to get the newspapers to you. We want to reduce risk to our people and inconvenience to you, our readers. Going forward, you can read the paper online to avoid the difficulty (and the risk) of trying to pick up your copy of our newspapers at your usual place. Starting with this week’s issue, you can access online a PDF version of the Florida Courier and the Daytona Times exactly as they are printed. It will be on each website’s home page.

Temporary fix

Though it may not be an exact substitute for reading our newspapers on your way from church, over a cup of coffee or green tea – or delivering it to “Big Mama” or another relative – the online version will contain the same information as the hard copies you are used to seeing.

Both and are updated daily, so feel free to browse and become aware of other information that we think may be of interest to you.

We thank everyone throughout the state that has “thought it not robbery” to allow us to distribute the Florida Courier and the Daytona Times from their places of worship or business throughout the years. We look forward to getting back to some semblance of normality once the coronavirus crisis has passed.



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