Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 340

Florida Democratic primary – I’m upset because Michael Bloomberg dropped out. I
changed from no party affiliation (NPA) to Democrat to vote for him so that he could keep buying more advertising with Black-owned and-operated media companies.

Bloomberg spent $3 million (of approximately $500 million total) with about 200 Black newspapers nationally. That’s more than we received from both Obama presidential campaigns combined.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the two Obama campaigns raised and spent almost $2.5 BILLION. The fact that Bloomberg spent more in three months than Barack Obama and the Democrats did in eight years should tell you how much they disrespected the Black Press and took the Black vote for granted.

I expect nothing different from Joe Biden’s campaign. It’s my understanding that he spent almost nothing with Black-owned media outlets in South Carolina. Yet, according to Politico.com, $10 million in cash flowed into the Biden campaign’s bank account the day after he won the South Carolina primary with an overwhelming Black vote.

Did his campaign buy one ad in any Black-owned newspaper or on a radio station to say, “Thank you, Black South Carolina, for saving my ass”? Nope. And he won’t, because Black voters and Black politicians allow themselves to be “milked through the fence.” (Ask somebody.)

From Jarrett Carter, Sr. at HBCUdigest.com:
“…(E)very HBCU state with a Super Tuesday primary was captured by Biden, a candidate with a lot of blemishes on HBCU and African American policymaking, but constant ‘face’ when it comes to willing trust in White power structures among Black voting blocs.

“Now that the media is on the record about  Black voting power saving the Democratic Party’s chances of defeating Donald Trump in 2020, and HBCU states are at the heart of these victories, shouldn’t we start showing Trump’s HBCU receipts to Biden now, so that he knows just how to return the favor if he lands in the Oval Office?”

Damn right. Trump has supported HBCUs more than Obama ever did. Joe, whatchoo gonna do?

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