Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 333

‘Teachers with guns’ – The high school kids I spoke to two years ago, before Marjory Stoneman Douglas, thought this was nuts even then.

They told me teachers are already under pressure every day, and they were afraid a teacher with a gun would snap and shoot up his/her own classroom.  They joked about it. “Where’s your hall pass?” POW! “Late for my class?” BLAM! “I’m having a bad day today.” POW! POW!

Their point was that some teachers are as ‘crazy’ as students and parents. They told me that students could tell that some teachers showed up for class with ‘issues.’ One student told me he used to pass by his teacher as they both went to counseling for depression in the same building. All I could say was, “you’re both getting help and that’s good.”

I’ve got a good friend, ex-military, who’s been in school security for about 20 years at various South Florida high schools. He says the state’s ‘school guardian’ program is BS, with school board members and administrators trying to cover their asses. Anybody who’s never been in a live gunfire situation with bullets whizzing by your head will freeze just like the Stoneman Douglas deputy did, or run away, he says. Plus the $500 pay ain’t enough to get any rational person to risk their lives.

I can easily see some jacked-up kid beating down and taking a gun from a teacher and shooting up a classroom. To prevent that, should self-defense also be required? Where does it end? We are right where the NRA wants us: guns everywhere.

I say hardened entries and exits, cameras everywhere, constantly trained cops in every school (no gunned-up teachers), better mental health for everyone, better personal threat assessment…then pray.

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