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quick takes from #2:
straight, no chaser
Congrats, Chayla! My daughter, now a high school senior, served as co-captain of her South Plantation High School volleyball team and took them to the state regional tournament for the first time in recent school history. She left everything on the floor before losing in the quarterfinals. Giving your all is all an athlete can do…

Wilson vs. Trump – I’ve previously referred to “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that can drive people crazy in any number of ways.

Trump supporters suffering from the ‘syndrome’ will lie, cheat, steal and even destroy their own reputations to stay in Trump’s good graces, keep their jobs, or show their public support of him. The latest extremely severe case: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Kelly – considered to be one of the rational “adults in the room” in a White House that has been described as an “adult day care center” with a single resident named Donald Trump – impugned his character irrevocably by making excuses for King Don’s failure to accomplish what columnist Margaret Kimberley rightfully calls “a simple task”: conveying condolences on behalf of a grateful nation to a grieving military family.

What is it about the ‘syndrome’ that will make people tell boldface lies, when the truth is easily verifiable? Why would Kelly tell an unnecessary lie about one of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s speeches? Why would Sean Spicer, on the first full day of the Trump administration, tell a boldface lie about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd? Did they both forget about the presence of digital cameras that record everything?

The worst part is that the lies don’t matter. Spicer got out of the White House and immediately got a six-figure job. Kelly will eventually get out of the White House, write a book on leadership, and be a Fox News commentator.
Ohhh, to be White, male, and delusional in Trump’s America…

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