Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 296


Getting what you pray for – You want something (or somebody) SO BADLY. And when you finally ‘win,’ you’re in hell, or you don’t know what to do with what you’ve got. It’s like a dog chasing a car that finally stops – or marrying somebody who’s truly nuts. Now what?

I’ve seen that happen with America’s last three presidents: George Dubya Bush, Barack “Bro. Prez” Obama, and now King Donald Trump.

By the end of their second terms, both Bush and Obama couldn’t run fast enough toward the Marine One helicopter that flew them away from Washington for the last time as president. The job drove Bush into a retirement in which he paints pictures of his dogs (and, ironically, portraits of soldiers wounded during his disastrous ‘War on Terror’ still being waged.) It drove Obama into an immediate 90-day vacation.

After just 100 days, King Don already looks and sounds like he’s had enough, which is why he’s spending almost every weekend (and millions of our taxpayer dollars) in Palm Beach County instead of staying in D.C., and doing his damn job. He probably considers the White House “slum and blighted” …

And speaking of the former “Bro. Prez” (what should I call him going forward?)

Obama’s back! I know some of y’all missed him. I REALLY didn’t. Early in his second term, I was already sick of seeing his various ‘lectures,’ i.e., news conferences, speeches, and interviews. He reminded me of some of my University of Florida law school professors. They were more effective than either NyQuil or sleeping pills.

Every time I see Obama, I think of squandered opportunities to help move Black America (yep, us) forward, and how he bamboozled Black voters who waited. And waited. AND WAITED…for him to do SOMETHING for them other than sing an occasional Al Green song and tune up at Black funerals and annual ‘lectures’ to the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP.

But I digress. Now Obama’s gonna try to help the Democratic Party – which he helped wreck by focusing solely on his election and re-election campaigns – resuscitate itself? He and his ace boon coon, former Attorney General Eric Holder, are gonna try to make it possible for Democrats to win state elections by attacking the process of “gerrymandering” voting districts – when they refused to push to enshrine the right to vote in the Constitution, and the 1965 Voting Rights Act was gutted on their watch? Man, get outta here with that foolishness! He’s about to make me cuss in print.

Best thing for the Dems is for Obama to walk the well-trod ex-presidential path of writing big-money books, making big-money speeches, and GETTING PAID.

Enjoy yourself, bruh. You’re relatively young and healthy. Make them dollars to pay for Malia and Sasha to go to college and grad school. Build houses or cure tropical diseases like Jimmy Carter does. Go give some Men’s Day speeches at a Black church and work on your “hack” and your “moan.” But step away from the politics…



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