Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 272


00-charlescherry2Florida Classic – Time for adult supervision. I’ve written about how the competition, especially between the bands and their public address announcers, has gotten out of hand. I also wrote how the FAMU ‘100’ band formed a military ‘tank’ and ‘shot’ Bethune-Cookman’s band as it waited in the end zone. The ‘100’ cussed at and trash-talked the Marching Wildcats – who didn’t respond.

You don’t joke about shooting somebody, especially around Black youth. FAMU band leadership must be oblivious to the fact that two B-CU students were murdered a few months ago by gun violence. And was there a tribute to those students or to former FAMU drum major Robert Champion, killed in a hazing incident on the night of the 2011 Florida Classic? If so, I missed them both. Florida Classic halftime recognition of Champion should be permanent…

Gambling in Florida – Go to any casino. You’ll see Black folks bellied up to the slots. The Florida Lottery wants to allow folks to buy lottery tickets – which a whole lotta Black folks budget for and buy weekly – with credit and debit cards. The Florida Lottery and the Seminoles – neither of whom advertise appreciably in Black-owned media, use Black vendors or professionals, or contribute to Black charities or nonprofits  – are making BILLIONS off of Black Floridians. What’s in it for us?

Where is the Florida Black Legislative Caucus on this? Any conscious Black people in the room as this huge deal is being cut? Are there any other Black media owners or business people other than us asking questions?

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