Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 267


00-charlescherry2Congrats, Sam and Sean! Your humble writer journeyed with family to Richmond, Va. – home of the Museum of the Confederacy, the White House of the Confederacy, and “Monument Avenue,” a street punctuated with oversized statues of traitorous, White supremacist Confederate political and military leadership.

Sitting in the (Episcopal) Church of the Holy Comforter on Monument Avenue – a church Blacks were probably barred from attending when it was founded in 1902 – I reflected on the ironies of the day.

Me, dressed like an African chief, sitting in the front pews with my Black relatives, in one of Richmond’s oldest churches (on Monument Avenue!) as my young Black cousin, Samantha Monts, married a White man, Sean Watterson, she met when they were fellow students in a desegregated school. If they had gotten married 50 years ago, they would have been arrested for violating state laws that prevented interracial marriage. And yet 50 years after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down such laws – in the ironically titled “Loving vs. Virginia” case – the movement of the day is “Black Lives Matter.” The more things change…

Donald Trump is the GOP’s Barack Obama – The tea party types are projecting conservatism onto Trump, just like Black folks and many Dems projected liberalism onto Obama. (Both are Ivy League-educated centrists who play to their respective partisan bases.) Trump’s tapped effectively into the revulsion Americans feel about lying, ineffective, ambitious politicians, much like Obama tapped into “Bush fatigue.”  Can Trump win the GOP primary? Yes. Can he win the presidency?

Yes. (Didn’t Obama? And Trump’s stinking RICH.) If Trump wins, the tea party types will eventually feel as disappointed as Black folks and Dems were by Obama. Pay attention…

Hillary Clinton, neocon – Her foreign policy speech last week indicates that she will make America a client state subservient to Israel – prior to going to war with Iran. Pay attention…

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