Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 259

00-charlescherry2Ferguson, Mo. – Black folks there can’t get it together. They could have started over by electing new city councilors; Black voters didn’t turn out. Recently, they attempted to dump the current mayor, James Knowles, who sat by as Black residents were traffic-ticketed and criminalized by its lily-White police force to balance the city’s budget. They needed 1,800 valid signatures from voters registered in Ferguson to put a vote to recall the mayor on the ballot.

What happened? Of 2,133 signatures turned in, only 1,008 were valid. The reasons more than half the signatures were invalidated? No address; no signature; not registered to vote; wrong signature; duplicate signature. Now Knowles is talking trash, saying that this is proof that it’s all-good in Ferguson’s neighborhoods, and he has a mandate to keep doing what he’s doing.

I’m not helping anybody who won’t help himself or herself. Y’all keep marching in Ferguson if you want to…

McKinney, Texas – Read the story on Page A1. Speaking of dumb, check this out: ‘(Jahi) Bakari said he tells his children to run from the police if they haven’t done anything wrong, because of concerns about police brutality. “The kids saw four police cars, and they started running,” he said. “Being a Black youth today in this climate, after Ferguson and Baltimore, I would’ve done the same – I tell them, ‘You see the cops, you go.’”

What Black father anywhere in America other than this guy would tell his kids to run from the police?

What’s their destination? When do they stop running? Bruh, are you looking to get your kids killed?

The Texas version of the Department of Children & Family Services should be knocking on this dude’s door. It doesn’t sound as if he’s qualified to raise a Black child in America in the 21st century…

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