Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 256


00-charlescherry2Bro. Prez’s presidential motto: If candidate Obama was known by “Yes We Can,” President Obama is known by “We Got This.”

Contrary to the president’s vow to be “the most transparent administration in history,” the Obama administration has been marked by secrecy, closed doors, “groupthink,” and lack of decision-making diversity. Since 2009, I’ve written about how Ivy League graduates with advanced academic degrees seem to be the only folks qualified to advise or lead in the Obama era.

“We Got This.” That’s what Bro. Prez said regarding Black America’s disproportionate pain (“a rising tide will lift all boats”), executing American citizens without due process via secret drone strikes, health care, reigning in Wall Street, negotiations with Iran, and collecting secret data on American citizens. That’s what he’s saying regarding the latest ‘free trade’ agreement (FTA) sellout of the U.S. middle class, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Why am I against it? I can’t specifically tell you, because much of it is secret. I can tell you that generally, FTAs such as the North American FTA under Bill Clinton have benefitted large multinational corporations that relocated manufacturing and assembly plants anywhere labor is cheaper than America. With Bro. Prez’s TPP, expect more facilities to relocate to Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, and Vietnam.

Another issue. Why is the GOP suddenly on Bro. Prez’s side on this – the same GOP that has attempted to destroy his presidency since its inception? Why are Democrats – including the normally sheepish Congressional Black Caucus – dead-set against TPP? Is it because Obama is desperate for a bad “legacy” deal?

America falls apart – On Tuesday, seven people were killed and 100-plus injured when an Amtrak train derailed in Philly. Cause of the wreck is unknown as of Wednesday night. Regardless of the cause, our roads, rail lines, and bridges are inevitably crumbling around us while we continue to spend $2 billion PER WEEK rebuilding Afghanistan and Iraq…

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