Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 255


00-charlescherry2Black faces in high places – I’ve written before that being a “First Black” in anything is a highly overrated experience…but somebody’s gotta do it to make room for the “second,” “third,” and all the others to the point where nobody’s counting anymore.

And what happens when we stop counting? Then perhaps we can judge those Black faces strictly by performance, rather than reflexively defending them because of the color of their skin.

So as I congratulate new Tampa Police Chief Eric Ward, Tampa’s “second” Black chief, on earning what is probably his dream job, I humbly paraphrase the late James Brown: “It ain’t blue, Black or White-it’s right.” Meaning, the police culture’s “blue code of silence” that even many Black cops are immersed in with their White brethren has got to be broken. It’s all about what’s right…

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance – It’s great that Bro. Prez will devote his post-presidential life to improving life for Black and Brown boys and men. (You know there’s a “but” coming.)

But what if he had done that in the first two years of his administration, when Democrats had control of the House and Senate?

What if he had pushed urban summer jobs programs, decriminalized low-level weed sales, strengthened HBCUs, increased small Black business funding? And why start a nonprofit when you still have 18 months left in the White House and you are still president not of Black America or White America, but of THE United States of America, as we are so often reminded?

I don’t remember Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush starting their respective organizations and initiatives while they were still working full-time for the American people. Bro. Prez continues to give me the impression that he’d rather be anywhere else in the universe other than where he is right now…

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