In 2016, our editorial staff recommended that you vote for anyone but Donald Trump for president. In 2020, we take a cue from Generation Z voters and suggest that you ‘Settle for Biden.’


Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will spend much of their time in the Sunshine State during the home stretch of the 2020 presidential campaign.


Here’s what our editorial board wrote about Donald Trump in 2016:

…Trump is who he is. And for our editorial staff, it was the “Access Hollywood” TV show’s “hot mic” recording that told us what he is like behind closed doors.

So while many women subsequently saw him as a misogynistic sexual predator, we believe he revealed himself as the whiny, thin-skinned, paranoid personification of White male privilege that has dominated the United States of America politically, financially, and culturally since America’s founding fathers crowed loudly about human rights that they and their descendants denied to women and people of color for some 200 years… We are comfortable with the general conclusion that he is unfit to be president.

Trump’s response – or rather the lack thereof – has borne out our belief that he is incompetent to continue to hold America’s highest political office.

There are other issues we have with Trump: saying “stand down and stand by” to White supremacists; corruption and thousands of lies; racism, sexism and xenophobia; attempting to kill Obamacare; defunding science and environmental improvement.

But the determining issue for us? The disproportionate sickness and death of Black Americans from COVID-19, and the fact that Trump’s administration has now given up on preventing the virus and is now focused on post-infection treatment.

About the Dems

Four years ago, here’s what we wrote about Hillary Clinton:

If Trump is the personification of White male privilege, Clinton is the personification of 50 years of the Democratic Party’s belief in its unearned political entitlement to Black votes and unquestioning Black support.

In a May 2020 interview with talk host Charlamagne tha God that aired in May, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

Though he apologized later, that ‘slip’ let Black America know that the titular head of the Democratic Party still believes that he and his party are still entitled to ‘own’ Black voters, whether they deserve them or not.

Three-way split

Four years ago, the issue of White privilege vs. Democratic entitlement split our editorial board into three factions.

One faction called Trump “an existential threat to Black America” and did not want to “waste a vote” on a third-party candidate.

The second bloc saw Hillary Clinton as the “lesser of the evils” and were unenthusiastic about her candidacy, but believed she would be better for Black America.

The third faction shared concerns about Clinton, but viewed this election through a historical lens and urged a vote for a third-party candidate as an opportunity to vote against America’s current two-party system that is awash in money from large private businesses, multinational corporations, and rich individuals.

So we punted, in effect, by urging a vote against Trump without an explicit recommendation for a candidate for a party that we believed took Black voters for granted.

Not now

If this were another, less dangerous era in American history, we would once again recommend voting for anyone but Trump.

But in a time period in which Black Americans are needlessly dying of a preventable disease in numbers disproportionate to our percentage of the American population; at a time where Black Americans are getting “gunned up” in record numbers to defend themselves against Trump-in-spired violent militias and White supremacists – this is no time to be politically ‘cute.’

We don’t have to love Joe Biden to vote for him. Let’s “settle for him.” Then let’s sit down with Biden and Democratic leadership and make demands on behalf of our community, including (but not limited to) stopping the pandemic, supporting our small businesses and Historically Black Colleges and Universities, rebuilding Black wealth that was lost during the Obama administration, restoring the Voting Rights Act and designating the White supremacists and militia groups the domestic terrorists that they are.

Florida could be determinative

It’s critical that Black Floridians vote for Biden. There’s only one reason that Biden and his surrogates, including Barack Obama, will be living in Florida until Election Day. It’s because if Trump loses Florida, he’s DONE.

TRUMP MUST GO. We all know why.

Black Floridians, let’s finish Trump here in his adopted home state and send him packing.




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