Police: Man sent woman 10,000 texts in 12 days; some threatening

Nicholas C. Nelson, 48, of Parkland is charged with aggravated stalking, writing intimidating and threatening messages.


FORT LAUDERDALE – “You and I, We die together,” read just one of the thousands of texts that investigators say Nicholas C. Nelson sent to a female acquaintance over a 12-day period in April.

The woman told a Broward Sheriff’s detective that she knows Nelson, 48, of Parkland, through a close friend, but had rarely ever spoken with him and had only seen him in person several times.

The flood of texts — approximately 10,0000 — began arriving on April 5, the woman told investigators and the volume escalated after she told her friend about the messages — hoping to deter Nelson.

According to an arrest affidavit, which provides no known reason for the messages, some of the other texts read:

“The only man you’ll ever be with again is me.”

“Her & I can drive tanks around America & blow up churches or whatever we want & you could protect us.”

“I’m not suicidal, not even in the least” But I’d rather die then (sic) spend time in jail.”

Nelson’s actions went further than just text messages, according to detectives. On April 13, Nelson again sent the woman a threat and also left clothes in the front yard of the home of her relatives.

And, according to the arrest affidavit, on April 17 Nelson sent the woman a picture of what appears to be an airport parking lot ticket from an unknown airport with the caption, “I’m going to start blowing up planes to prove my point.”


Nelson is charged with aggravated stalking, writing intimidating and threatening messages and is being held in an aggravating stalking case out of Palm Beach County that court officials said involves a different victim. Details about that case were not immediately available.

Nelson was taken into custody out of state and booked into Broward’s jail Sunday on preliminary bonds totaling $500,000 for the stalking and threat charges but with a no bond hold because of the Palm Beach County case.

“I feel my bond is very high. I don’t feel it should be that high,” Nelson told Broward Judge Jackie Powell during a Monday afternoon court appearance.

“I was picked up in Georgia on my way back to Florida. I spent 115 days on a hold in Georgia, which is a record. I was picked up on April 18th and was brought here yesterday and I would ask mercy from the court in relation to my bond.”

Powell kept Nelson’s bond in place.

“Based on the allegations, this court does believe there is cause for concern,” she said.


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