Pale-faced terrorists are still terrorists


I am writing this week’s column with a heavy heart. 

For decades, I have been telling Gantt Report readers that there is more hate in your country than there is in any other part of the world. 

Mass murders that took place in Texas and Ohio were carried out by what appears to be White nationalist and White supremacy sympathizers. 

Trump’s plan working 

The Hater in Chief, President Donald Trump, is carrying out his demonic plan to turn neighbors against neighbors, divide American citizens and to destroy American democracy. 

Right-wing conservatives of all ages don’t buy weapons of war for home protection. High-capacity magazines are not purchased for target practice. Body armor is not worn to attend the megachurch prayer meeting. 

The assault rifle’s primary use is to kill people!

Today’s mass murderers kill shoppers, students, people out for a night of dancing and entertainment. They kill unarmed, law-abiding people of color and their youth for dubious and/or illegal reasons. 

Who’s doing the killing? 

It’s not Latino or immigrants of African descent killing school children. It’s not Muslims firing on party people. It’s not Black Lives Matter protesters that are wearing bulletproof vests and gunning down customers at Walmart.

America’s domestic terrorists are primarily pale-faced cowards. I say “coward” because the mass murderers don’t want to fight people they detest one-onone. They want to attack disco dancers, school kids and grocery shoppers. 

Trump and his minions should halt the hate. White supremacist and White nationalist rage will take America and the world to a place it does not want to go. Racism and nationalism around the world is a prelude to a possible race war! 

No fear of Trump 

The president likes to huff and puff about “fire and fury” in North Korea, or “total obliteration” of Afghanistan and Iran. But world leaders are not afraid of Trump. They know the president will not seek to attack a country that can attack back. The orange emperor has no clothes. 

Western nations have a lot of nuclear weapons. But Eastern nations like China, India and others have nuclear bombs, too. If a White president launches a nuclear attack on a non-White nation, the sky will be full of nuclear warheads. 

No double standard 

We have to stop looking at domestic terrorism as isolated events. We have to stop saying White mass murderers are “troubled” and “misguided,” but non-Whites that kill are “thugs,” “hoodlums,” and “hooligans.” 

We have to understand that the whole world began as a world of people of color, and human nature is taking us back to that spot. 

Start to stop domestic terror by getting rid of the greatest sympathizers of right-wing terrorists – beginning with Donald Trump!

Ban war weapons 

There must also be changes in gun control laws. No one needs weapons of war. Who, other than terrorists, needs bump stocks, 30-round magazines, incendiary shells, hollow points and the like? 

A handgun, shotgun and a rifle can protect you and your home and can be used to hunt. You only need an AK-47 to kill people that you don’t even know.

Native Americans know about the pale-faced terrorists. They know who the undesirable immigrants were and are. 

Pale-faced terrorists are still terrorists. Domestic terrorism must be stopped by any and all means necessary!

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