‘No racism, just Russians’ is ridiculous


The Russiagate faux scandal and the hysteria it spawned should be dead. The tale of intrigue which claimed that the Donald Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government has been disproven.

After two years of investigating, Robert Mueller was unable to indict a single American on the charge of collusion. The indictment of Russians said to be intelligence agents is worthless, an allegation that will never be proven in court. The Democrats’ insistence on calling Mueller to testify before two House committees was a disaster which made them all look foolish and which should have put the nail in the coffin. 

So why is NBC News reporting that the Russian government is influencing Black Americans? The New York Times blames the rise of racist, right-wing parties in Europe not on racist sentiment, but on a Russian plot. Kamala Harris spins tales of Russians using Black people to undermine a mythical American democracy. 

All about denial 

There is denial that Black people have any reasons to be angry, which is a denial of our history. There is denial of White racist reaction, too.  There’s denial that images of oppression have any impact on the lives of millions of people. Watching a gentrifying White woman claim that she was “sexually assaulted by a nine-year-old” Black child is enough to make all but the lowest Uncle Tom very angry.

In the absence of empowerment, social media becomes the vehicle for redress. The immediacy of the Internet makes it easy for videos to spread quickly. Claiming that foreign individuals or a government are responsible makes the outrage null and void, erases the racism that Black people face and also the determination to make the oppression known.

Of course, racism is not confined to the United States. Europeans’ image of tolerance is tested when a tipping point of Brown or Black faces begin to appear. People who were once considered generous and welcoming pull up the ladder when non-Whites appear in large numbers. The issue is self-identified Whiteness. But the New York Times conveniently claims that Russians are responsible for the rise in European racism.

Stories’ purposes 

They are a form of propaganda which has a goal of getting public support for U.S. foreign policy. Even people who claim to resist Trump will condone sanctions or military attacks against any country declared an enemy. 

Russiagate continues to excuse the Democrats for the 2016 debacle of their own making. Three years of repetition has done its job. Most Americans will believe anything they are told about the Russian government or Russians as people.

Black people are no less susceptible to propaganda. Many of us have already succumbed and given up our traditional left-wing stance on many issues. The desire to be rid of Trump has made this particular con game all the more powerful. 

Margaret Kimberley is a cofounder of BlackAgendaReport.com and writes a weekly column there. Contact her at Margaret.Kimberley@BlackAgendaReport.com.



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