Miami-Dade county grant available for veteran business owners



The Veterans Business Grant is for veterans who own businesses and have experienced financial hardships due to COVID-19. Qualifying veterans can apply for assistance as part of a $5 million veteran business grant program fund.

Funding received will be calculated based on individual percentages of eligible costs incurred, with a maximum award of $25,000 per business.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Veterans with a valid honorable discharge DD214 who own a business
  • Businesses with a maximum of 50 employees and annual revenue does not exceed $10 million
  • Veterans can apply for only one owned establishment

Reimbursable Expense Documents

  • One hundred percent reimbursable Personal Protective Equipment – PPE purchases and other associated expenses necessary to comply with CDC guidelines or Miami-Dade County COVID-19 safety orders; proof of purchase via receipt or paid invoice
  • Eighty percent reimbursable rent or mortgage – proof of payment via receipt or canceled check; if behind on payments, a notarized letter from landlord or lender stating how many months behind or in default and to include specific dates is required
  • Fifty percent reimbursable other expenses – utility bills, licenses, insurance are allowable expenses needed to keep the business operational and to safely meet local, state and federal requirements; proof of payment via receipt, paid invoice or canceled check

For additional information email or call 305-375-3111.



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