Man dodges rival’s swinging sword after trash pile dispute

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is seeking information on the man with the sword or his alleged accomplice.


FORT LAUDERDALE – An Oakland Park man out for an evening jog figured he found a nifty item when he ran by a vacant home with a pile of bulk trash in front of it.

It was July 15 and there, near Prospect Road and Northwest 11th Terrace, was a junk pile containing a dump cart made out of heavy duty plastic.

Another man — who was driving an older-model white pickup — was already scouring the trash pile and wasn’t happy when he noticed the jogger apparently staking claim to the cart, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said.

“The other man became upset, feeling he had rights over the pile since he was looking through it,” agency spokeswoman Keyla Concepción said.

As the two exchanged words, the jogger grabbed the cart and ran behind it as he pushed it home.

The sheriff’s office Monday released surveillance video from the victim’s home security system that shows what happened next in the hopes of trying to identify the other man who apparently followed him there.


In the video, the plastic cart is sitting on the jogger’s front lawn as the other man approaches carrying an item that appears to be a red stick.

It wasn’t a red stick, though, it was a sword.

He simultaneously swings the sword and grabs the dump cart.

The jogger, still wearing his blue bandana and running togs, dodges any blows from the sword and manages to keep the disputed cart in his yard as his attacker walks away.

Minutes later, however, a woman in a pink top approaches and drags the cart away “as she flung insults at the jogger,” Concepción said.

Detectives think the pink-clad woman and the man who was swinging the sword know each other.


However, a woman who identified herself as Alice Bolden told WSVN-Channel 7 that she is the woman seen in the video taking the cart because it belongs to her and had been put outside as part of a garage sale.

“That was my wheelbarrow … and I have neighbors that can verify that because I asked them today if they wanted to buy some stuff also,” she told the station.

In an interview with WPLG-Channel 10, the jogger — Todd Beavers — said he regrets struggling over the discarded dump cart but is glad to have emerged unscathed.

“I guess he could have really hurt me,” Beavers told the station.

The sheriff’s office asks anyone who recognizes the sword swinger or his alleged accomplice to contact Violent Crimes Unit Detective Tiberio Barbosa at 954-321-4278.

Tips can also be made, anonymously, to Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477 or online at Tips that lead to an arrest are eligible for a reward of up to $3,000.



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