Majority of Floridians oppose ‘sanctuary cities’



A majority of Floridians oppose giving more assistance to undocumented immigrants or creating so-called “sanctuary cities” where those immigrants could avoid deportation, according to a new poll from the University of South Florida and The Nielsen Company.

The annual Sunshine State Survey, which released the second batch of this year’s findings on Monday, shows 55 percent of Floridians opposed to giving more rights or assistance to undocumented immigrants, with the strongest opposition coming from older Floridians and residents of Tampa Bay and North Florida.

Among those surveyed, 23 percent were more supportive of immigrants, with much of that support coming from millennials, minority residents and low-income households.

On weapons ban
Some 58 percent of Floridians opposed creating safe zones in cities where undocumented immigrants would not face deportation, with 33 percent in support.

Almost half – 49 percent – of Floridians support a ban on the sale of semi-automatic assault weapons, while 37 percent oppose it. Support for the ban is strongest among women, older residents and African-Americans.

Six out of 10 Floridians want to make it harder or impossible for a felon to regain gun ownership rights, with strongest support for the idea coming from women, older Floridians and households with a young child.

More results
The survey also shows that only 23 percent of Floridians think the state is doing a good or excellent job in reducing human and sex trafficking.

Forty-two percent of Floridians support the recreational use of marijuana, with 40 percent opposed.
Thirty percent support repealing the death penalty, with 44 percent opposed. Some 27 percent support repealing the Stand Your Ground self-defense law, with 43 percent opposed.

“Florida’s very diverse population has yielded intense debates about immigration, gun ownership, human trafficking and individual rights,” said Susan MacManus, a political science professor at USF who oversees the survey, which focuses on key issues in Florida.

“A common thread tying these issues together is a genuine concern for the personal safety and security of those who live in the Sunshine State. Stark differences are in opinions on how to make it happen. Generational, racial and gender divides are the deepest on immigration, human trafficking and gun ownership.”

The 2016 Sunshine State Survey interviewed 1,248 Florida residents from Sept. 1 to Sept. 19, with a margin of error of 2.77 percentage points.



  1. There is no such thing as a semiautomatic assault weapon. Maybe we should ban gun control zealots and dimwitted reporters.

  2. ICE Agent: “My Job Obsolete, Borders Now Wide Open;” Career ICE Official: “We’re Being Kept in Dark;” 40 Mlln Amnesty, NOT Just 5 Mlln

    “My job is now obsolete.” “America’s sovereignty is over.” “The Obama Administration hasn’t told us anything.” “I’m gonna get a raise to continue reading Yahoo News all day long.” “The borders are now open because we can’t arrest most illegal aliens, even if they come into the country today, tomorrow, or next year. They can come here, stay forever, and laugh at us.”
    Those are just some of the reactions I’ve gotten from demoralized Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents who contacted me yesterday and last night regarding Barack Obama’s announcement of mass amnesty for illegal aliens via executive fiat. Some rank-and-file ICE agents told me they were taken into meetings, yesterday afternoon, to be told the bad news about how little work they’d be doing (even less than they’re already doing because they aren’t allowed to do their jobs). Other agents–including some in higher level top official positions in various ICE offices–told me they’ve been told little to nothing and been kept in the dark regarding Obama’s amnesty plan.

    But what they’ve told me is disturbing, though not surprising. To wit: Obama is not just instantly legalizing five million illegal aliens. It could be up to 40 million, I’m told. That’s because Obama’s new plan isn’t what he announced last night in a speech to America. In fact, agents tell me that anyone here before January 2014 can stay. And, since there’s no way to verify that, the border will be overrun with illegal aliens who will now say they’ve been here since then. And even they don’t have to lie. ICE agents have told me that in their meetings yesterday, they will not be allowed to pick up or arrest any illegal aliens here who have fewer than four misdemeanors. Those misdemeanors cannot include traffic offenses to be considered. So if the misdemeanors are drunk driving and they have more than three, they skate anyway. ICE agents also cannot arrest anyone who is basically not a murderer or terrorist or serial serial serial serial child molester (hey, he/she/it can have three misdemeanors pleaded down from sexual conduct felonies, and no big deal, welcome to America; continue to enjoy your stay, habibi). It’s hands off–hands off not just with regard to illegal aliens who claim they’ve been here, but those who came here yesterday, come here today, or will come here tomorrow. They all get to stay and taunt ICE agents who cannot touch them now or at any time in the future.

    And here are some of the other scary and/or ridiculous details which ICE agents say are the new amnesty facts of life:

    * Obama waives all filing and application fees for these illegal aliens. You are going to pay for them to apply and become instantly legal. I couldn’t get out of my $7 fine at the library for a late DVD, but I’m an American citizen. They get out of paying hundreds of dollars, and instead you pay for their two-minute background checks by the same contractor who “checked” Edward Snowden’s and convicted Islamic terrorist murderer Rasmieh Odeh’s backgrounds . . . and rubber-stamped ’em both (Snowden into the NSA and Odeh for citizenship).

    * Obama gives a raise to ICE agents so they won’t whine about this. But it won’t work. Most of these guys went into this business to keep America safe and arrest illegal aliens. “I don’t want a f–king raise. I want to do my job,” one agent told me. Another: “I’m getting a raise to continue sitting at my desk all day long reading Yahoo News.” That agent is already making $100,000 per year and sits in the office and surfs the net all day long because ICE won’t let him arrest illegal aliens. Though it’s his job to round them up, he said he’s been allowed to do that only twice in the last month, and that was probably a waste of time because both of those people just got Barack Wonka’s golden ticket to stay in America forever.

    * Habitual drunk drivers, congrats! You are now instant Americans. As I noted, Obama’s new amnesty makes all illegal aliens–past, present, and future–with three misdemeanors or less, untouchable. But you can have four, five, six, or seven drunk driving misdemeanors, and you are still untouchable. That’s because the misdemeanors, even if the illegal alien has four or more of them, cannot include traffic offenses. Drunk driving offenses are considered traffic offenses. So an illegal alien could have 10 misdemeanors, and if at least seven of them are for drunk driving, he/she’s untouchable.

    * Even hardened, convicted criminal illegal aliens can live without fear of deportation once their time in the “big house” is over. “Secure Communities,” the ICE program to train local and state police to arrest these criminals and turn them over to ICE is over. The program under which ICE sends detainers to jails and prisons to notify the prisons that these are illegal aliens who need to be handed over for deportation is over. The prisons and jails can just set these illegal alien criminals free onto the streets and ICE has to try to find them. Yeah, that sounds like good, efficient government to me. How ’bout you?

    A top career ICE official in a local ICE office in a big city said he and his agents have been kept mostly in the dark and haven’t been given any details. They’ve had to glean them from the rumor mill and the media, but he said Obama’s ten-point plan is a fact now. And it’s depressing. He says:

    Our “priority” targets of illegal aliens to be arrested will be reduced to three levels. Level 1 will be terrorists and aliens that have committed felonies–maybe gang members, and few others. Level 2 will be only those with multiple or serious misdemeanors (which hasn’t been defined for us–I guess we have to divine it from the air?). And level 3 will be those fugitives who have ignored orders after January 1, 2014 and MAYBE (but only MAYBE) recent illegal alien border crossers since the same date. Everyone else (all other illegal aliens) is pretty much hands off, but since the priorities are tiered into three levels, it’s very clear to us that ONLY level one–only terrorists and those who’ve committed AND been convicted of serious felonies–will be targeted for arrest by ICE. Everyone else can come here illegally into the future and we can’t touch them. The border is now open wide.

    Secure Communities is going away and we will no longer send detainers to jails – only “requests for notification of someone in a priority category”.

    DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) will be expanded to change the dates and allow anyone who entered as a child before January 1, 2014 (regardless of how long ago and how old they are now) to stay here forever (0and ultimately become citizens), even if they do not. Hey, I’m sure there’s no fraud coming there, right?!

    Deferred action will be granted to parents of Legal Permanent Residents [LPR] or U.S. Citizen [USC] children, as long as they are not a priority. They expect this to be more than 4 million, but look at it to be multiples of that.

    There will be a pay raise for some in Enforcement and Removal Operations (the deportation agents). Clearly, it’s a payoff to prevent the Union from suing or complaining again.

    Something about letting foreign STEM graduates stay and work. This is great since we have “full employment” for all American citizen science, engineering, math, and computer programming grads, don’t we? NOT.

    Obama acted as if these illegal aliens are all engineering masters degree holders. Yup, masters in engineering the system. That’s the only “advanced skill” they hold.

    Another ICE agent says, “Our sovereignty is now gone. There is really no need for my position anymore.”

    And since we’ve lost America forever, in terms of its national character and national security, maybe there is no need for this country anymore. That seems to be the attitude of Obama and company.

    America will soon be gone anyway via this amnesty, which again, is not for just five million, but for 40 million and growing.

    And based on Obama’s speech, he no longer considers this America. Did you notice what he said at the end of his speech last night?

    While most Presidents end their speeches to Americans with, “G-d Bless America,” he didn’t last night. Instead he said, “G-d bless this country we all love.”

    Um, which country exactly was he talking about? It certainly wasn’t America.

    By the way, don’t look for the Republicans to save you. They are on board with this plan and have been for years. They just wanted to do it and get the credit. This whole Boehner/McConnell grandstanding is just that. They won’t do anything real to stop it.

  3. Fox News repeats the same old media/politician lie of 11-12 illegal aliens in the USA!!

    Univision boasts 50 million
    Retired INS M. Cutler talks 40-50 million
    Debbie Schlussel writes of 40 million
    CAPS Study 2007 talks of 38 million…



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