Let me tell you who’s keeping hope dead


When you have hope, you have a feeling that what you want you will get or what you want to happen will happen.

Back in the day, the Rev. Jesse Jackson talked a lot about hope. So did other people in the so-called civil rights movement.

Jackson’s go-to phrase was “Keep Hope Alive.” He said it everywhere he went. He said it every time he talked. He said it every time he preached!  

Not any more   

Today, Rev. Jackson, now in his mid-70s, is still doing some things like getting help for hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico and calling for gun control. But I haven’t heard him say his catchphrase in a long time.

From my viewpoint, I don’t see much hope in African-American communities. Trying to find hope is like trying to find Casper the Friendly Ghost or a four-leafed clover in a concrete jungle. It may be there, but it’s very hard to find.

When I look at Black communities I see sadness, despair, depression, melancholy and hopelessness!

Somebody call 911! Hope is not alive. Hope is practically dead as a doornail. Hope is down and out. Hope is in critical condition in the proverbial intensive care unit and on its last leg, so to speak!

Here’s why
Your haters don’t want you to have hope. Haters know if you believe it, you can achieve.

People that hate you hate themselves and are quick to give up on you and give up on life.

Hopeful people are oftentimes avid dreamers. They hope for and dream about better days and better times!

You don’t have to have a lot of money, a big house, a great job or an expensive car to hope you can get those things or dream about getting those things.

You don’t have to have equal rights and justice to hope that one day you’ll be treated fairly by police, law enforcers or judicial systems, or to hope that one day you will be handled like every other man or woman.

But the people that hate you will do all they can to convince you your hope is an impossible dream!

A better life
When I was a highly sought-after political campaign consultant I used to say, “Don’t hope for a better day. Vote for a better life!”

Well, every election year, Black people are told if you vote for this candidate or this political party, things will get better for you and your community.

However, it seems that the more we elect candidates and support political parties we are told to love, the worst things get for people with dark skin and neighborhoods across the train tracks.

More and more devilish politicians are falsely accusing us of voter fraud, purging our people from voter rolls, and passing laws to suppress our vote.

We sometimes feel that our votes are worthless and that our hopes for political help to improve us individually and as a group are nothing but pipe dreams!

Changing language
Political hope-killers use political words to disguise, not to illuminate their actions. Politicians “civilize, liberate or renew” a Black community by destroying it. Most political ads seek to confuse so that at election time, people will solemnly vote against their own interests.

The political hope-killers are tricky!

Today, many African-Americans carjack, pimp slap and hijack their own hopes, dreams and ambitions by allowing themselves to get “took” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other forms of social media.

You feel you don’t have to be hopeful anymore because you have 5,000 “friends” on Facebook! You feel if someone likes your booty picture, your cat picture or your greasy food picture on social media, everybody likes YOU.

If you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, I’ll bet you a dollar to a dime that 4,900 of your social media friends are people you don’t even know!

You won’t do it
You don’t have time to read a book. You won’t even dream about buying or reading a Black newspaper. and you’ll never support someone in your own community that will stand up and speak out and fight for causes that are important to you because you don’t want to offend your White, your Uncle Tom and your backward Facebook friends!

You get your news from social media, you get your direction from social media, you get your hopelessness from being tied to and controlled by the lies and misinformation you crave for on social media!

You go to church on Sunday, or to the mosque on Friday, and sing songs like “What a friend we have in Jesus.” But Jesus isn’t your friend and Muhammad isn’t your friend. If they can’t be pulled up on your smartphone at a social media site, that friend is nobody!

Black Americans and all Americans do better when they have faith, hope and charity. But hope is like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey: good but dead!

Believe and support
If you’re hoping for a better life and believing in a better time, believe in God and believe in yourself!

Support the people that have always supported you, because the hope killers that you think are your friends might just be enemies that haven’t revealed themselves yet!

Devils in your life are keeping hope dead!  

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  1. I know Brother you are trying to motivate, but Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad are our friends. They are our gods. I think, when you wrote this, you are thinking about white Jesus. Religion is a critical piece. You are writing in a black News website in an age when black people do not read. Our last remaining institutions where blacks have any hope of organizing are religious. Slave religion is our big shackle. I believe Facebook will fade, just like vinyl records and eight track tapes. Islam is a minor factor in the black American community. William Barber is a black Christian man. Creflo Dollar is a pimp who works from a church. Jesus is not dead. Muslims do not worship Muhammad. It is the how of our religion that is important. In Christianity and Islam, liberation theology is embedded in our cores. But you get hustlers, pimps and con men using religion in order to con black people. Farrakhan is a pimp. Good religion is one of our last chances, but who is brave enough to fight there con men and pimps who turn belief in God into a useless thing?

  2. error is previous post. Prophet Muhammad is NOT a god….but for Christians Jesus is. “They are our God and our guiding Prophet.”

  3. Mr. Gantt, Great article! I am absolutely convinced that “HOPE” is the answer. When all hope is removed, it destroys the person/group/people! I think Bro. Rahman missed the whole point that you made. Certain people may be our enemy, but they are certainly not and cannot be the solution, and only a FOOL would think they could. There is mass hysteria on all sides: politically, racially, and spiritually, but the answer is only in us. That is Hope — the vehicle to the promise land. The promise land may not be comprised of wealth, fame, and accomplishment — but high race-esteem. The American Dream is the lie our enemy has always used as if something we were lacking. Now many of us have obtained those things and more just to be reminded, “you still just a nigger.” In many cases, the richest, famous, and most accomplished are the most useless Blacks one can imagine — especially us Black men (chasing/marrying women of our enemies). Our haters on many occasions have shown us who they are, but we just fail to believe them. I commend you to continue trusting in God and doing what you are doing. Hope is the answer!

    PS. Will seeking to purchase: “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing”


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