It’s about the cash, not the corruption

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About a year ago, I was asked by the great Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana to donate my political messages to one of their government programs. I want the people of Purdue to know I appreciate their request and I plan to make Gantt Report and All World Consultants political messages available for them to share with their students and others interested in politics all over the world as soon as I can. 

Also, The National Freedom Museum’s Freedom of Speech Section also included an excerpt from a Gantt Report column in a collection of 500 of America’s most important freedom of speech messages. 

Setting the vocabulary 

The Gantt Report has been the first to describe economic and political events in ways that were parroted in the so-called “mainstream” imperialist press. “Beast Bankers,” “Trap Politics” and “Political Plantations” are just a few of the words and phrases read first in The Gantt Report that were later used by others. 

Today, The Gantt Report is going to an area that TGR has been before, but other journalists are reluctant to visit. 

Network news talks about “abuse of Presidential power” that is not only about “investigations,” “corruption,”  ill will and governmental misconduct. 

To truly understand what the current political discourse is about, all you have to do is follow the dollars, the rubles, the renminbi and other money! 

There’s no concrete evidence that Joe Biden and his son did anything wrong. If there was evidence of wrongdoing in business dealings with foreign governments and businesses, Donald Trump’s whole family may be guilty of similar acts that should be investigated. 

The real truth 

Corruption investigations are distractions to keep the people’s focus away from discussions about sanctions against Russia! If you want a good call transcript, get the hidden-phone messages exchanged between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. 

I believe Trump lied about releasing tax returns because the returns will show him getting financial business and support from Russia. Don’t forget one of Trump’s sons said Trump gets lots of money from Russia, and Trump’s campaign manager worked for Russian political puppets in Ukraine before being hired by Trump.

United States citizens have been sent on a wild goose chase by visits by American officials to Ukraine, Italy, Australia and other places that are allegedly about “corruption,” when the trips were mainly an effort to refute the fact that Russia interfered in our elections so the Kremlin could help elect a Russian puppet that would work to lift sanctions against Russia! 

Working with Putin 

Government sanctions are killing the Russian economy. Putin wants to end the sanctions and Trump is forced to help him to hide the fact that the president of the United States is behaving like a Russian asset! 

The Black faces on news shows are saying what they are told to say, rubber-stamping Democratic talking points just like Republican pundits spout out Republican talking points. 

The main job of elected officials is to appropriate government money in the best interest of the people and the country. 

Political traitors 

Any federal, state or local government official that uses his position or office for his personal, political of financial benefit is a political crook and a traitor to the people that elected him, or her.

Any incumbent elected official that will support lies, false promises, violation of laws and criminal misconduct to oppose what the people want and to engender love from foreign and special interests to remain in office is a political disgrace and should be promptly removed from office. 

Keep following the money!

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