Immigration policy: Do Black lives matter?



In a nation of immigrants, do Black lives matter?

Apparently not, because Black lives are effectively being ethno-racially cleansed from American society by an illegal alien invasion and a growing occupation of our neighborhoods.

Black America is being challenged by what’s been dubbed by its supporters as “comprehensive immigration reform.”

It is routinely suggested by U.S. presidents, other politicians and even leaders of the Black establishment that America is a nation of immigrants.

That sentiment is misleading and wrong because it ignores the fact that so many Blacks are not the successors of immigrants, but are instead the descendants of those who were brought here unwillingly as chattel slaves. They are also descended from the survivors of then-legal Jim Crow discrimination.

It is upon our ancestors’ backs that much of this alleged nation of immigrants was built. Maybe other Americans can boast of their wonderful immigrant heritage, but they rarely seem to think of, much less acknowledge, the slavery factor.

Different history
Our Black community experience consists of four consecutive race-harming calamities: 246 years of chattel slavery; 99 years of Jim Crow laws; 50 years of failed modern government social programs; and generations of mass immigration, both legal and illegal, into our neighborhoods.

Despite these problems, there are certain insensitive Americans who insist that Blacks “get over it” and forget about past injustices altogether.

Tell Ashkenazi Jews to get over it and forget the Nazi holocaust. Tell the Christians in the Middle East being tormented by ISIS to get over it. Ask any group of people bound by ethnic, racial, religious or regional bonds to ignore their own historical sufferings.

That’s why it is immoral to equate the struggles of immigrants – legal, and especially illegal – with those of Blacks.

Different experiences
If it’s to be believed that Black lives matter to Americans to President Obama in particular:
Why grant around 5 million work visas to illegal aliens when Black U.S. citizens, a mere 13 percent of the national population, are disproportionately unemployed?

Why award DREAM Act tuition advantages to young illegal aliens when our own students are in dire need of education?

Why assist with housing for foreign invaders when so many of our own people are homeless?

Why consider amnesty to lawbreakers who are essentially stealing the civil rights benefits for which our predecessors fought and died?

Now is the time for Blacks to unite and correct this injustice. That is, if Black lives matter.

Ted Hayes is a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 Black leadership network.



  1. Some people who say it is a nation of immigrants don’t really understand how it all when down. First You might say the British were immigrated because they did attack and kill off the Native Americans.
    I not sure when the next wave of Europeans showed up in mass but some was do to the Irish potato famine 1820-1845, 1975 4.7 million Irish came, and many war driven immigrants that came through, Ellis Island 1892. Immigration was never intended to be limitless. So just because someone is or grand parents were immigrants don’t give them the right to hand over America to others.


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