How to protest Donald Trump

British media

There are countless reasons to take offense at Donald Trump’s presence anywhere in the world.

But the Trump baby balloon and images juxtaposing Trump and Barack Obama’s approval ratings should not be the focus of protesters. They have weightier issues to address. Instead they show the hollowness of their politics and put their lack of seriousness on display for the whole world to see.

U.S. stooge

The British government is nothing but a United States vassal. When George W. Bush chose to invade Iraq, U.K. prime minister Tony Blair sent troops to assist in the aggression. When Syria was bombed in 2018, the two countries worked together to carry out the attack. The U.K. does only what the U.S. tells it to do. That is what the British ought to be angry about.

Both nations are among the most criminal that ever existed and if protesters want to show their bona fides they should not shrink from pointing out this easily provable fact.

What about Assange?

Julian Assange sits in a London prison cell after experiencing what a UN rapporteur described as torture. But the foreign minister publicly attacks the rapporteur and states that he will hand Assange over to a country that is seeking to criminalize journalists anywhere in the world. If the British want to go out into the streets, they might consider doing so on Assange’s behalf.

America and Great Britain are partners in crime. Both stay on the path of austerity and endless war. Anyone who challenges the system on either side of the Atlantic ocean is beaten down and slandered. The intelligence agencies of both countries are implicated in spying on Trump and other presidential candidates.

Instead of protesting Trump, the British need to protest their own MI6 in the fake Russiagate scandal and its role in subverting the 2016 elections. The British media, like their American counterparts, are either government assets or cynical institutions who go along to get along. Because of their collusion with the deep state, both the British and American people are lied to and rendered powerless by deliberate misinformation.

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