How journalists should respond to president’s press circus


For eight straight days, I forced myself to watch the press conferences presented by number 45, aka Donald J. Trump.  The show was supposed to provide an update on the status of the destruction caused by COVID-19.

My objective was not to get any valuable information from number 45. I focus on how the journalists at the show responded to his daily dose of misinformation and, much too often, untruths.

Eventually, I found myself as disgusted with the journalists as with the president.  They would ask question after question as though they were really at a serious press conference rather than at a performance by a narcissistic man who uses the words “fantastic” and “incredible” more often than the previous dozen presidents combined.

It was evident that number 45 was conducting a political rally rather than a press conference. He used the occasion to deliver political messages and guidelines to “Trumpettes” throughout the country.  If the attending press corps had been serious, they would have sat quietly as number 45 delivered his spiel.

When he stopped and inquired about questions, not a single journalist present should have responded.  Since the event was supposed to provide an update on COVID-19, they should have directed their questions only to healthcare professionals who were present.

No questions please

If no such person was present, they should have left number 45’s performance and found other healthcare professionals who could provide concrete information about the deadly virus.

By not doing so and treating the press conference as serious, they for all practical purposes actively participated in number 45’s charade.  To some degree they were aiding and abetting the “Trumpettes” who worship number 45 as the quintessential White American male.

In my opinion, he is what at least 90% of male “Trumpettes” admire or aspire to be.

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