How Biden attacks Blacks while President Trump empowers them


A bigot is defined as “a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.” By that definition, former Vice President Joe Biden is a bigot. .

At the end of a recent interview on the very popular radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” Joe Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

For a man who claims to have graduated with honors from so many elite schools, and is married to an educator, it is surprising that he would say “You ain’t Black.” Maybe that is how he speaks on a regular basis, or maybe that is how he speaks when talking to Black

Knowing my Blackness

The last thing that any freethinking, civically engaged Black person needs in 2020, is a 77-year-old White man from Delaware “whitesplaining” Blackness to us.

I was born Black, still live the Black experience as a Black man in America every single
day. My family comes from the South, and we have experienced discrimination, racism, bigotry, and survived Jim Crow. My Papa was a proud member of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, founded by Dr. King, and still knowing my history, I am a Black man voting Trump.

Try as they might, the one thing Joe Biden and his liberal friends can’t take away, define, or critique is my Blackness because I am voting for Donald Trump.

Still for MAGA

In 2016, President Trump looked at the conditions and statistics of many predominantly Black cities in America and saw that despite being led by Liberal lawmakers, our communities were faced with high crime, high unemployment, and poor public schools.

Real estate values were down and there were not as many opportunities to advance as there should have been. He asked us to trust him, listen to his plans and vote Donald J. Trump because at that point he said: “What do you have to lose?”

In response to Joe Biden’s bigoted comment, Charlemagne tha God said, “It don’t have nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with the fact I want something for my community.”At the end of the day that is exactly what the Black vote is about in 2020, our community.

Identifying who has the record and resolve to get things done for the Black community. I have worked most of my adult life advocating, promoting, and defending my community inside the Republican party at all levels and have seen many results. However, I have seen the most results for my community under the Trump Administration.

The wrong side

Joe Biden asked The Breakfast Club audience to look at his record. That was not a gaffe, he was serious. For 44 years, Joe Biden has been either MIA or on the wrong side of history when it comes to fighting for the Black Community.

Let’s start with his record on justice. We all know Joe Biden was the architect of the infamous 1994 Crime Bill that literally locked up thousands of men that look just like me. Biden was proud of his record on mass incarceration of Black men that destroyed communities, dismantled families, and stifled black wealth for generations.

How many strikes do we give Joe Biden until we say enough is enough, you are out? Out of touch, out of the mainstream, outside what Black Americans need in leadership.

Thankfully, Black people can look at the record of Donald Trump on the issue of Criminal Justice Reform and see the thousands of people who went home because of his bold advocacy of the First Step Act righting Biden’s wrongs in just under four years.

In 2012, Joe Biden told a predominately Black audience in Virginia, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains,” referring to Republicans. Joe Biden can’t accept that the Republican Party has historically been and currently is the party of freedom, and opportunities for everyone, especially the Black community.

A clear voice

We have a Republican president and candidate in Donald Trump, and an entire party that believes in school choice. We believe giving all parents the ability to place their children in better performing schools no matter your socioeconomic background, color and zip code is the right thing to do.

But Joe Biden only sees color and class saying, “poor kids are just as smart as White kids.”

The media needs to stop calling these statements gaffes because they are not. Call them dog whistles, call them bigoted, call them offensive, call them racist.

In 2020, there is a clear choice to be made for the Black community. We should examine the records of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump and vote our interests. By all objective measures, President Trump remains the champion for the Black community in this election.

Trump keeps promises

His record of support for historically Black colleges and universities, school choice,
opportunity zones, criminal justice reform, minority businesses, kidney health, and direct aid and support to under served communities during this global pandemic makes him worthy of our vote in November.

Black people are signing up for Black Voices for Trump because he has kept his promises to our community. The bigoted statements and damaging policies of Joe Biden need to remain quarantined with him in his Delaware basement.

Paris Dennard is a GOP political commentator, strategist and Senior Communications Advisor for Black Media Affairs at the Republican National Committee. Follow him on  Twitter at @PARISDENNARD.



  1. Your article is totally subjective, you sound like someone who’s getting payed to say those those things.
    I did my researchs ….and…yes! You are!
    You’re paid by the Trump’s campaign!
    Remember, I am your audience and your biased article it’s just a waist of time.

  2. Patricia……. did he write anything that wasn’t factual? You sound like the typical liberal, can’t agree with the truth. Instead of doing your “research” on the author why don’t you put that liberally biased mind to the task of researching the democratic party and their track record on race. Oh, and it’s “just a WASTE of time” not “WASTE”.


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