Gordon goes to rehab after ‘Dr. Phil’ show



To say Nick Gordon – who’s not at all liked by both the Bobby Brown and Houston clans and is supposedly under investigation for foul play regarding Bobbi Kristina being found face down in a bathtub of water – has some serious issues of his own is, well, an understatement.

150313_entertainment02That’s easy to see in his recent interview with Dr. Phil. In fact, Nick’s mother did a lot of the talking, and told Dr. Phil McGraw her son was deep into booze and Xanax. Gordon was so jacked up he could barely form sentences. It is true that xanax and alcohol are two of the most popular substances when it comes to addiction, so it wasn’t difficult to believe, but whether or not Gordon was going to seek help for his problems was another matter.

“Your son, left to his own devices, will be dead inside a week,” Dr. Phil warns Gordon’s mother in a pre-taped interview that aired on “Dr. Phil” on March 11.

Plenty of tears
The interview turned into an intervention when McGraw confronts Gordon about his drinking and drugging.

“I want you to go straight to rehab,” the daytime talk show host says, as Gordon becomes agitated with the direction things are going and walks out. He reportedly even punched two “Dr. Phil” staffers.

Gordon also sobbed over the loss of Whitney Houston, who was like a mother to him, as well as Bobbi Kristina, the woman he called his wife even though they were never legally married.

“I miss Krissi and Whitney so much. I want them back,” Gordon said through tears. He also declared, “I hate Bobby Brown” when asked about Bobbi Kristina’s father who has banned Gordon from visiting her in the hospital since her near-drowning incident on Jan. 31.

‘Volatile’ and distraught
McGraw said Gordon was “volatile” and emotionally distraught during the taping…and was clearly not sober.

He said Gordon entered a rehab facility immediately after the taping last week, which McGraw and the show described as an “intervention.” Interventions are often a good way of reaching out to someone who has a problem, but who refuses to confront it. It can be used for many different purposes, however, some people find that it can be used as a way to reach loved ones who have alcohol or drug addictions and require treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab center in dallas or more local to them. An intervention brings the issue to light, encouraging them to see things from another point of view, as well as helping them to witness the hurt they have caused themselves and others. Some find that interventions work and will seek help as seen with Gordon.

We’re not sure which rehab facility he went to, but maybe it would be one similar to this sober living Austin Texas one?

Gordon felt “it was his job to protect Krissy, as he calls her, and that he obviously had failed,” and he’s distressed over being banned from her bedside, McGraw said.

Gordon’s attorneys have said that Bobby Brown has consistently denied Gordon permission to visit her in the hospital. A lawyer for Brown said that Gordon was offered a potential opportunity if he agreed to certain conditions.

Drug addiction can ruin not only the life of the person using drugs/abusing alcohol but the lives of those surrounding them, anyone who is suffering with addiction must take it upon themselves to help them get free from this. There are plenty of rehab centers that can house those in need, like the Olympia rehab center. Search your local area or talk to a doctor about the next steps to take.

A story from Eurweb.com was used in this report.



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