For the Trumps, its drip, drip, splash


A conspiracy occurs when two or more people come together to plan and act together secretly for any purpose.

You have no doubt heard all the talk about President Donald Trump and his political posse, and how they allegedly colluded or cooperated with Russians that launched cyber-attacks to impact the United States election process to get Trump elected.

Got caught
Well recently, Donald Trump Jr. was caught red-handed meeting with Russians that said they had information from the Kremlin that would possibly disparage Hillary Clinton and help the Trump campaign.

The president, his family and his supporters acknowledged that a meeting was held in Trump Tower in New York and Trump Jr., Trump’s son-in-law and Trump’s campaign manager at the time attended the meeting that was originally disguised as a meeting about adoptions, and became a meeting to get campaign opposition research material.

A lawyer for the president said there was no problem because nothing came out of the meeting.

I think there was a problem, but the details of everything that was said and went on during that meeting has not been fully determined and revealed.

Here’s the problem
The Trump people tried to conspire with an adversary – some say enemy – of the United States to interfere in an election process that is sacred to American voters.

If your own son decided to have a meeting in a house you own to discuss a way to cooperate with someone to commit an illegal act, and discussed the purpose of the meeting with you and you had no problem with it – that, in my mind, is a conspiracy. Perhaps you could be described as a co-conspirator!

It’s like talking about a way to get 100 kilos of heroin across the border and avoiding law enforcement. It doesn’t matter if the desired results were never obtained or realized. The conspiracy is a crime.

There are hundreds of men and women in jail right now on conspiracy charges.

You tell me
How in the hell can people surrounding the president meet with enemies of the United States to conspire to do improper, ill-advised and probably illegal acts – and believe in their hearts that nothing is problematic?

I told you before perjury was pervasive in the White House. I wrote that justice was obstructed.

Now you have an obvious, proven attempt to conspire with some so-called “bad hombres!”

All I can say is drip, drip, splash!

Changing topics
On a whole different note, readers of TGR have suggested that I write about the administrative and financial problems being experienced by some Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

I am reading reports about what is happening but, as you know, whatever is written about HBCUs will be considered “fake news” regardless of the articles’ veracity.

There are some great choices that can be made to lead HBCUs, but the schools must make them.

The idea that only HBCU graduates are good enough to work at HBCUs should be discredited and abandoned.

Just hire someone that can raise money and effectively manage employees.  

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  1. John Dobbs, Florida DC (inmate no.)C00618
    Jackson Correctional Institution
    5563 10th Street
    Malone, Florida 32445
    (850) 569 – 5260


    Are Florida judges and clerks engaging in kidnapping and human trafficking
    through force imprisonment as favors to the wealthy and influential ? And intentionally misinterpreting arguments for release to look justify in the public eyes when prisoner are force to represent them self’s because they can’t afford attorney? All because of their social economic status.

    Attach Files:

    1.) 14 Circuit Court: “ Latest In The Court “Petition of Writ of Habeas Corpus
    with exhibit attach: Subtitle website page 48 to 65 of 398.
    2.) Order for Petitioner to Show Cause: Subtitle website page 16 of 398.
    3.) John’s Response: Subtitle website page 5 to 10 of 398.
    4.) Their Denial: Subtitle website page 2 to 4 of 398

    5.) Philips Westfall: Subtitle no.7 “ Police Transcripts Statement ”, website no. count 1 to 8
    6.) Video: Update July18, 2017.

    Put Judges and clerks name involved

    1.) Judge J. Brewer: In The Circuit / County of Orange County, Florida, case no. 2006 – CF – 15201-0: Subtitle no. 26 “ Records, “ page 9 to 14 of 86
    (October 25,2006 )

    2.) Former Judge Stan Strickland : In The Circuit Court Of The Ninth Judicial Circuit, In And For Orange County, Florida Criminal Justice Division. Case no. 48 – 2006 – CF – 15201: Website subtitle no. 21 “ Adversary Preliminary Hearing “ (65 pgs.)

    3.) Judge Lisa Munyon: Website subtitle no. 27 “ The Transcripts “
    In The Circuit Court Of The Ninth Judicial Circuit, In And For Orange County, Florida Criminal Justice Division.

    4.) Judge Edmondson: U. S. Court of Appeals for The Eleventh Circuit, case no. 12-10701-E : Website subtitle: “ U. S. Court of Appeals for The Eleventh Circuit, “case no. 12-10701-E, website number page 36 to 38 of 38.

    5.) Judge G. Kendall Sharp: Subtitle “ Reference,Cont. Amended Petition 8-2-10 “
    ( 118 pages ) number 5 “Order “ website pages no. 1 and 2 of 2,U.S. District Court Middle District Of Florida Orlando Division, case no 6:10-cv-00663-GJK,
    Document 8.

    6.) Magistrate Judge Gregory J. Kelly: Subtitle no. 18 “ U.S. Middle District of Florida Docket “case no. 6:10 – cv – 00663-GKS-GJK , website pages number 1 to 3 of 5.

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    8.) Judge A. James Craner Circuit Court: Subtitle “ Latest in the Court “, In The Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, In and For Orange County, Florida, case no. 2006-CF – 015201-A-O, website pages 25 and 26 of 398.

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    (December 2, 2008)

    Clerk of Court:

    1.) Clerk Susan Wright: Fifth District Court Of Appeal 300 South Beach, FL., case no. 5D07 – 1057: Subtitle no. 25, “ Case Docket 2, pages 4,5,6 of 11

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    “ U. S. Middle District Courthouse 401 West Central Boulevard, Orlando, Florida, case no. 6:10 – cv – 663 – Orl – 18 GJK: pages 1 to 17, 19to 27 of 27.

    His website:
    Contact: Mrs. Celeste Dobbs at (951 ) 259 – 7127


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