Flying somewhere? Here are some must-haves for plane travel

Packing bags for a trip can be stressful, but there a few things travelers should make sure they have on hand when they board their plane.


Packing for a vacation can be such an exciting experience — sometimes so exciting we forget to put the essentials in our bag. These things vary for everyone, but here are a few necessities (in no particular order) that I don’t leave for the airport without:

Neck pillow

Some people might think carrying a neck pillow is just an extra item to lug around, but for me, it’s something I never board a plane without. A comfortable neck pillow can ensure you catch a little shut-eye during a flight without your head bobbing around causing you to wake up with a sore neck.

Whether you’re stuck in the middle seat or you’re lucky enough to have an aisle or window, a neck pillow makes a world of difference while flying.

Some snacks

Snacks are always a good idea no matter what the occasion is. Having a few of your favorite bites while traveling can ensure you don’t go hungry. You never know what type of snacks will be passed out on the plane or if you’ll have time to grab something before you board.

Try to avoid foods that are messy or ones that can get crushed easily, since you’ll most likely have them packed in your bag. Also, remember to take them out of your bag to be scanned separately when going through security to avoid a full search.

Disinfectant wipes

We all know the number of germs that lurk around on airplanes.

Bringing disinfectant wipes can help keep your immune system strong while traveling. Have a small pack handy to give your headrest, armrests and tray table a quick wipe down.

Keeping your area sanitized will help you be able to get through vacation and back home without bringing a cold with you. Throwing in a small tube of hand sanitizer isn’t a bad idea either.

Water bottle

In addition to keeping your area sanitized, it’s important to stay hydrated during the flight. It’s easy to forget to drink fluids when you find yourself rushing out the door and flying at all different times of the day.

I always pack an empty water bottle in my carry on when traveling on a plane. This way I can fill it up after I go through security as much as I need and sip on it throughout the flight.


Sometimes you get an early morning or late evening flight and find yourself snoozing from take off to landing. This always makes the time go by quickly. However, for those long flights that pass by at a snail’s pace, you need in-flight entertainment to make the time go by.

Certain planes will have a screen for watching movies or playing games, but it’s always a good idea to pack a few of your own devices. Laptops, iPads and phones work great for streaming movies and shows. Remember to bring a pair of headphones so you don’t disrupt your neighbors.

It’s also a good idea to choose something non-electronic such as a book, magazine or crossword puzzle in case of technical issues.

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