Florida’s Finest – Meet Lillian & Kam



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lillian Raven has become known as one of the top Black pinup models around. With a background and degree in TV and film as well as an extensive knowledge of music and entertainment from the ’50s and ’60s, she produces work that is reminiscent of pinup models of the past. In her spare time, she likes to rock out at metal concerts, work out at the gym and spend time with animals and volunteering. Contact Lillian at: facebook.com/LillianRavenPinup or Lillianraven13@gmail.com.
Credit: Ama Lea

Kareem McMichael is an actor, model and recording artist. The ambitious Macon, Ga., native has been featured in many films and stage plays, including “Macbeth’’ and “The Amen Corner.’’ He plans to continue building his brand stating, “I am a man of many skills and love every skill I do. I am thankful to everyone that has taught me and encouraged me. I have been blessed with various talents and I want to share all that I can with the world.” Contact Kareem at: facebook.com/karmackam or karmacent@yahoo.com.
Credit: Image by Carlos



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