FAMU professor to study disparities in medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana
Jeffrey Brown

Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law Professor Jeffrey Brown has been awarded a $7,500 grant to study the regulatory and economic impacts that the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida will have on the state’s African American community.  

The project is called Assessing Disparate Impacts: The Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Florida and the Legal Implications for Florida’s African-American Communities.

“Specifically, the research will examine the potentially discriminatory impacts of

current Florida medical-marijuana licensure requirements, and identify the ways, including civil rights lawsuits, that the Black community can challenge the current system,” said Brown. 

14 marijuana grants

The grant is administered by Florida A&M University Marijuana Education and Research Initiative. 

Florida A&M University has awarded 14 grants (including Brown’s) totaling $98,000 to more than 20 faculty members to conduct research on marijuana as it impacts diverse minority communities. 

This research is a component of the university’s Medical Marijuana Education and Research Initiative (MMERI), which was launched in response to the Florida Legislature’s funding allocation to educate “minorities about marijuana for medical use and the impact of the unlawful use of marijuana on minority communities.” 

Brown says his grant research will be conducted by two FAMU law students under his supervision.




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