Don’t let your peace of mind be ruined

Everyone has goals in their life that they’re attempting to accomplish.

Whether it’s getting your business license, overcoming drug and alcohol addiction or even a new health regimen, these goals make us feel empowered and add a level of confidence to our spirit and adds a notch on our self-esteem belts.

A good feeling

There’s no better feeling than working extremely hard and seeing your results come into fruition. Sometimes we get so focused on achieving these goals that we forget the very reason why we attempt them in the first place.

Is it self-validation? Is it peer pressure? Or is it something deeper than the instant gratification?

Beyond the awards, the recognition and the praise, there’s a feeling much deeper and more resonant that really pushes people to accomplish goals they’ve never accomplished before. That feeling is known as peace of mind, and we’re all chasing it day by day.

What is it ?

The term “peace of mind” is defined as achieving the ultimate level of “Zen” within a stress-free environment. No matter if it’s at work or school, having peace of mind has more to do with making sure no person or situation has the ability to ruin your newfound state of mind.

The hardest part of reaching your peaceful state of mind is ironically maintaining it. With outside factors stressing us out on a daily, we’ve learned how to just cope and keep it moving. That’s where we’re damaging ourselves, if you want to get technical.

The more we swallow and hide our stress, the more damage is done to your spirit and mind.

Stress is like a volcano, and after a while everything will truly erupt.

I saw it myself

Growing up seeing my mother struggle taught me that the most important thing in a family is being mentally sane and in a state of happiness, no matter the current situation.

Minority mental health and self-evaluation are serious issues that should have more awareness surrounding them. The stigma in the Black community is that we don’t go to therapy; we talk to our families.

Once again, that’s another damaging concept. As a people we have to be willing to ask for professional help when we don’t have all the answers.

Make adjustments

It’s extremely important to write down your feelings and release that energy into the universe. Doing activities such as yoga and meditating will allow you to focus your energy into more positive and successful outcomes.

Stress is truly the No. 1 killer of African Americans and achieving a constant and consistent state of peace in the mind is truly the greatest cure.

As we approach the fourth week of not only a brand new year – a brand new decade – it’s easy for us to get caught up in how fast everything is moving.

Rapid changes

From technology advancing to stores becoming obsolete, the world is rapidly evolving right before our eyes. Unfortunately, most people aren’t ready to keep up with society’s norms and standards and tend to feel left out, which results to depression and isolation issues.

Children are learning nowadays quicker than they ever have before and our world is moving too fast sometimes for us to keep up. This year, let’s make it a priority to find balance, peace and happiness in all aspects of your life.

A community goal

Peace of mind is the one attainable goal we should collectively strive for as a community. As a people, we’ve been abused mentally, physically and systematically for over 400 years in this country, and the very least we ask for is a stress-free living situation. Whether through financial reparations or something as simple as having your neighbor watch the kids while you and your mate have an evening out, we have to protect our inner and outer peace by any means necessary.

As a community and culture, we already have had to deal with the stress of institutionalized racism, police brutality, poverty, and increasing health issues. That alone is enough to make a person want to give up the fight.

So whatever it takes, hold on to your peace of mind, because that’s the one goal they can never strip from you.

Rell Black is an award-winning activist, blogger and the founder of Community Healing Project Inc., headquartered in Daytona Beach.


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