Donald Trump’s Shaggy and Silkk defense


Rappers Da Baby and Cardi B should be enjoying the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Why? Because the president’s team of lawyers are utilizing the Hip-Hop Defense to cover up Trump’s abuse of power, obstruction of Congress and other presidential misconduct!

The Shaggy Defense

Trump’s lawyers are saying Trump should not be removed from office because of the reggae rapper Shaggy’s defense, “It Wasn’t Me.”

Although more than a few of the president’s men have been criminally charged, indicted and jailed, lawyers for the Liar-in-Chief insist that any White House misconduct was not done by the 45th president. According to Trump’s counselors, all congressional crimes were committed by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Fusion GPS, Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff.

Just like in the Shaggy song, the president was caught, caught red-handed, trying to use withheld tax dollars to pressure the government of Ukraine to announce a phony investigation of Trump’s major political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is the kind of president that the American people think he is. He is a liar, a cheater, a puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a traitor to the United States citizens that voted for his crooked ass.

The Silkk Defense

Another Trump defense is his Silkk the Shocker and Mystikal defense, “It Ain’t My Fault”!

It’s not Don the Con’s fault that, in his opinion, the forefathers of America placed an article in the U.S. Constitution that he says gives him the power to do any terrible thing he wants to with your government, your military and your tax dollars.

It’s not Trump’s fault that his advisor, Putin, and his lawyers claimed he has absolute immunity, he can’t be charged, can’t be indicted, can’t be investigated and can’t be removed from the office of the presidency.

Lawyers defending the president in the Trump impeachment (phony) trial suggest that everyone Trump talks to, listens to, conspires with, meets with and sleeps with can be prohibited from telling what happens in the Trump administration because Trump has “executive privilege.”


The people’s public servants and government employees can’t tell the truth about what goes on. But anybody that sleeps in bedbug-infested beds at the Doral Resort or sits at his kitchen cabinet table at Mar-a-Lago can say anything they want to.

It’s not Trump’s fault that the American Bar and Washington, D.C., Bar Associations allow lawyers to tell bald-faced lies in a government tribunal. It’s also not Trump’s fault that he is allowed to tamper with Senate jurors by threatening primary opposition against senators that don’t rubberstamp every wrongful defense he tries.

Think about the Public Enemy song “Don’t Believe the Hype!” Don’t be misled and don’t be hoodwinked.

A clown, but no joke

The Trump/Putin plan to divide and conquer the United States has to be discredited,
foiled and defeated. Trump is a clown, but what he is doing to American justice and the rule of law is definitely no joke.

No one is above the law. Not me, not you and not the worst president in United States history.

Donald Trump must be removed from office sooner rather than later!

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