Donald Trump, racism, and low IQs

Donald Trump

“Donald Trump is redundant evidence that if your net worth is high enough, your IQ can be very low and you can still intrude into American politics,” George Will said. This was Will, the intellectual pundit bemoaning the 2012 cycle that featured Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney.

At the time, none of us knew that God would allow Satan to plague this nation under the guise of a Trump presidency.

But quit playin’! I prophesied that Donald’s only Trump card was the Race card in 2012!

My conjecture was simple

The hypothesis had been made and the conclusion was obvious.

From the antics of the Jerry Springer Show to the unvarnished and wanton callowness that shows up on reality television, ignorance would abound, and racism would thrive. Whenever America is at its weakest points, hatred – usually under the auspices of racism and tribalism – gets muscular.

What I missed was the permeating power of AM talk radio.

What I did not factor was that Satan’s Jesus (Trump) had his own John the Baptist in the form of Rush Limbaugh. Rush had a prophecy, too. He fed the sheep a hearty diet of White superiority and American Exceptionalism. All they needed was a personality to fill that empty wool suit. Donald John Trump was tailor-made for Rush Limbaugh’s countercultural couture.

Let’s backtrack Jerry

Springer was the Pandora that led to the demise of civility and the rise of hostility we are left with on TV these days. That insolence and disregard for “what other people think” has permeated every area of our lives.

Your grandparents would die knowing that you are hooked on the promiscuous, pugilistic and preposterous “Housewives” shows that you TIVO and watch with regularity. They would wince to watch “My 600-Pound Life.”

Black mothers would curse you out for appearing on “Fix My Life” with Iyanla van Zandt. The counseling is cool, but mama warns, “Chile, we don’t put our dirty laundry out for everybody to see.”

It used to piss me off to the highest level of pisstivity whenever anyone told me that they watch “The Apprentice,” especially Black people. By the end of this presidency, Trump will be “fired” and forced to leave the set.

Blacks brainwashed too

It occurred to me when a ‘brother’ called last week, a gust of glee in his voice. “Did you hear that ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) made a big bust and deported all them Mexicans in North Dallas?” My heart dropped about as precipitously as my anger rose.

Donald Trump has done a wonderful job of what I call “racism by inference and imagery.”

He painted you this picture of Muslims who want to kill us and annihilate Israel. He painted a mosaic of Mexicans who “take your jobs.” He drew you murals of Mexican gangs killing at will and becoming the single most menacing threat to young White damsels.

Our blonde-headed, blue-eyed blessings wouldn’t be dying if it wasn’t for the China-to-Mexico pipeline. He never mentions crack cocaine. Bet you can’t guess why?

I got news for Trump. If you want to stop the flow of drugs, fix the flaws of addiction. Supply has a cousin named Demand. You never see one without the other.

The truth is that not all of those people “busted” were Mexican. American corporations hire “illegals” from Vietnam, Africa, India and workers from any other nationality in order to get the job done. Let’s see the final report. I will probably reveal that the bust was a classic case of racial profiling. I predict most of those “busted” have paperwork pending.

Nothing new

ICE is overburdened and understaffed. The Trump administration took the same dumb-ass “tough on crime” mentality that caused the criminal justice debacle we have right now.

If there is such an “emergency” on the border, why is ICE still raiding 7-11’s for onesies and twosies? It’s all a farce based on race!! Trump’s card is the race card and his low IQ is making the race card America’s Trump card!!

George Will was right. There is redundant evidence that Trump’s net worth may be high, but his low IQ makes for bad politics!

Vincent L. Hall is an activist, author, and award-winning writer for the Texas Metro News.


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