Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ

Nancy Pelosi

The hours before the House of Representatives impeachment vote were a study in contrasts. 

While Democrats approached the debate leading up the vote somberly, with all due consideration, and with historical references, Republicans seemed to think they were starring in a comedy show.

And the now-impeached president added to the comedy with an unhinged and delusional letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that clearly illustrated the break he has taken from reality. He compared himself to the people who were executed (yes, executed!) during the Salem witch trials in 1692-1693. 

Yes, the fool had to go back more than 300 years to find a parallel for his “poor” treatment. 

No Messiah

More egregiously, Trump was compared to Jesus the Christ, an abomination especially during this holiday season. We who are Christian celebrate the birth of the Christ child each year. 

It renews our faith. It provides us with hope. It should not be marred or besmirched by a paranoid charlatan who has the temerity to think he is anything like Jesus the Christ. 

Who was Christ, anyway? The Jesus that the Bible celebrates was full of love for the least and the left out. In the Holy Bible, Matthew 25:40 Jesus said, “whatever you do for the least of these you do for me.’’ 

Lack of compassion 

Yet our 45th president has had nothing but contempt for the least of these, cutting food programs, caging innocent children, sputtering hate and nonsense at every opportunity. 

There was no Christ in the way that 45 attacked deceased Congressman John Dingell (D-Mich.), deliberately mocking his widow, now-Congresswoman Debbie Dingell. Mrs. Dingell was painfully transparent in her reaction to Mr. Trump’s ignorance.

She lost her husband less than a year ago, and our “Commander in Chief” is spinelessly attacking her and her husband. Where is the compassion of Christ in that? 

Delusional arrogance 

Beyond utter hubris, the Christ comparison is pure delusional arrogance, but this is what we have come to expect from this putrid and paranoid president and his pitiful minions. And while partisan discord is the name of the game, too many Republicans who know better have decided that their oath of allegiance is not to the Constitution but to a morally flawed, constitutionally indifferent president. 

The fact that Republicans, many who know better, many who acknowledge it “off the record” march in lockstep behind someone who has abused his power, is disturbing. Even more disturbing in the fact that too many Republicans think it’s okay. 

Seeks adoration 

Meanwhile, a mix tape of Christmas songs runs through my mind as I think of the temerity of Donald the Fool comparing himself to Jesus the Christ. “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.’’ That’s what Donald the Fool wants. Adoration.

There is no sane Christian who will adore him because he is not the Christ, but a terribly flawed man who lies (15,000 y’all) and steals with impunity.

Or the refrain from “Silent Night.’’ Sleep in heavenly peace. But this Divider-in Chief has brought us absolutely no peace, no quiet, no calm. 

As many of us spend these days around Christmas caroling and worshiping, it is repugnant that this charlatan compares himself to the virtuous Christ. Where are his virtues? 

Slap in the face 

This comparison is also indicative of how conservative Christians (words that should not be used in the same sentence) have fractured faith by describing 45 as “the chosen one.” Chosen by whom and to what end?

It is the height of hubris that one would pick such a venal man as chosen, God did not choose this lying, genital grabbing crook for anything but to force us to organize, mobilize, and tap into the power we all have within. 

But in this Christmas season, the worst thing that any of them did was to compare Donald the Fool with Jesus the Christ. My mix tapes of hymns exalting the virtues of our Savior is in sharp contrast to the reality of Trump. 

To compare that horrid, venal man to anything resembling Christ is to slap every Christian in the face. Love is patient, love is kind, Trump is none of the above.

Julianne Malveaux is a Washington, D.C.-based economist and writer. Her latest book, “Are We Better Off? Race, Obama and Public Policy,” is available at



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