Cops kill three unarmed Black men in four days



150313_front04Police officers in three different states shot three unarmed Black men to death in separate incidents over a four-day period last week. All three officers involved in the killings are currently on administrative leave with pay.

Aurora, Colo.
On March 6, Naeschylus Vinzant was shot and killed by a still-unidentified officer. Vinzant, 37, was approached by officers for allegedly violating parole by removing an ankle monitor, and was considered a person of interest in a kidnapping, robbery, and assault incident. The Aurora Police Department has refused to release information of the circumstances of Vinzant’s death, citing an ongoing investigation.

Madison, Wis.
Later on March 6, 19-year-old Tony Robinson died after Madison police officer Matt Kenny allegedly shot him in self-defense. Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said that Kenny was responding to reports of a Black man screaming and darting into traffic who then broke into a home and tried to choke someone inside. Koval allegedly shot Robinson after being attacked.

Wisconsin is the first state in America to pass a law requiring an outside independent investigation of in-custody deaths caused by police.

Chamblee, Ga.
On March 9, Officer Robert Olsen shot 27-year-old Anthony Hill dead. Hill had a history of mental illness, and was shot and killed in his apartment complex outside of Atlanta. Police say they got a call from a maintenance worker saying he saw Hill walking naked on the grounds. Witness accounts vary as to whether Hill actually threatened the police officer.



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