Black News Channel launching next month

Black News Channel
J.C. Watts


Black News Channel (BNC) has changed the launch of the African American news network to Feb. 10. It will be based in Tallahassee. 

Network executives previously announced plans to launch to an audience significantly larger than its original projections. The Black History Month launch provides the time necessary to build out the distribution platforms, apps, and other infrastructure necessary to accommodate this historic event.  

“Black History Month is an appropriate time to launch the Black News Channel”, said Bob Brillante, co-founder and CEO for BNC. “We are committed to make sure that when our viewers tune in they are witness to a quality viewing experience.”  

J.C. Watts, chairman and co-founder for BNC added, “Our technicians, crew and launch partners are working overtime to make sure that the additional pieces are in place to provide our African American audience with the programming that tells more of our story in a way that is not provided by current news outlets. We will make history together as we launch February 10, 2020 to more than 70 million homes and devices.” 

Special features

The launch will fulfill the business dream and vision of Watts, an entrepreneur and former Congressman, representing Oklahoma’s Fourth District. 

The Black network’s programming will include special news features on topics that most affect the quality of life of communities of color such as sickle cell disease and hypertension – that generally aren’t given much attention to by other news outlets. 

The BNC also has established a news-content alliance with the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA), representing the Black Press of America, via 225 African American-owned newspapers and digital companies throughout the United States.

BNC plans to release more information this month about how and where customers can view the network.



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