Black media must do their jobs


I hope that Black media will live up to its journalistic mission and give an honest examination of why three Black candidates lost in three states that had significant numbers of Black voters.

As I reflected on the year in politics from 2018, it dawned on me that the most underreported story of last year was the Black vote.

According to Pew Research, “Blacks voted [in the 2018 elections] overwhelmingly (90 percent) for the Democratic candidate, including comparable shares of Black men (88 percent) and Black women (92 percent).

It is a well-known axiom in politics that a Democrat candidate MUST get north of 90 percent of the Black vote to win an election, especially in a state-wide race. Anything less, that Democrat candidate risks losing his race. Similarly, if a Republican gets north of 15 percent of the Black vote, he has a great chance of winning his election.

This is why I find it so bizarre that the Republican Party REFUSES to spend the time, money and effort to engage with the Black community in any meaningful, sustained way.

Deciding factor

The Black vote was particularly decisive in three gubernatorial races: Florida, Georgia, and Maryland. Each of these races had three extremely credible, impressive Black Democrat candidates facing White Republicans.

In Florida’s governor’s race, former Congressman Ron DeSantis got 14 percent of the Black vote; in Georgia, former Secretary of State Brian Kemp got 16 percent of the Black vote; and in Maryland, incumbent Governor Larry Hogan got 30 percent of the Black vote. This is proof positive that the above axiom is indeed a very accurate predictor of election outcomes more than any polling data.

In full disclosure, I served as a senior advisor to Ron DeSantis during his race for governor. I have first-hand knowledge of the impact of the Black vote in this race.

Got it done

After he became our party’s nominee for governor, DeSantis called me and asked me to come to Florida and help him secure the Black vote. He empowered me to accomplish the mission, gave me the resources that I needed, and then got the hell out of my way and let me do my thing!

Of the 14 percent of the Black vote we received, we received 18 percent of the Black female vote and 9 percent of the Black male vote. The issues that drove this 14 percent was entrepreneurship and school choice/vouchers. The Democrat nominee, Andrew Gillum, vowed to raise taxes on businesses and eliminate a voucher program that overwhelmingly benefited poor Blacks.

My question, especially Black media: How do you explain the fact that these three Black candidates all got well under 90 percent of the Black vote? I have not seen one media story that examined this phenomenon.

Why? Because in a liberal’s mind, they can’t believe a Black person would actually say, by their vote, that they agree with this Republican candidate’s ideological views. In a liberal’s mind, it is inconceivable that a Black person can be pro-life, support smaller government, actually wants lower taxes, supports the removal of those in the country illegally, and believes in school choice and vouchers, etc.

Black media silent

I am surprised that Black media has not thoroughly examined why the three candidates got well under 90 percent of the Black vote.

Many in the Black media are radical liberals: Roland Martin, Joy Reid, Tamron Hall, Jason Johnson, Lauren Burke, Joe Madison, etc. They don’t want to examine this story because it will prove that Blacks are not the liberals that they and the White media want the public to believe.

Gillum, Abrams, Jealous, all were radical liberal candidates putting illegals before American citizens, promoting a radical homosexual agenda, and wanting to raise taxes on those who are successful. That is why each of them lost.

You had three sharp candidates, all 45 or younger, great rhetorical skills, and all very likable. Yet all three got their butts kicked because enough Blacks said, “We don’t agree with your policy positions.”

I have heard liberals attempt to dismiss these loses because of “racism” and “voter suppression.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. They lost because the Republican candidates received more votes than them. Period!!!

Write the story

I hope that Black media will live up to its journalistic mission and give an honest examination of why these three Black candidates lost in three states that had significant numbers of Black voters.

I hope this examination will include the fact that enough Blacks supported the Republican candidate because they agreed with their policy positions as opposed to what the Democrat alternative was offering.


Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered Super PAC established to get more Blacks, especially entrepreneurs, involved in the Republican Party. For more information, visit



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