Black America and Donald Trump’s impeachment

American residents

Most American residents believe that President Donald Trump should be removed from office. 

The president’s beloved base of White nationalists and White supremacists, however, will cling to the hems of his made-in-China garments as long as he hates Barack Obama, as long as he loves Russian President Vladimir Putin, and as long as he is allowed to tweet lies, conspiracy theories and false information. 

In the news 

The big news of the day centers around Trump’s presidential wickedness and his abuse of presidential powers. 

Whistleblower accusations and news reports that investigated the alleged misconduct claim Trump used your money, taxpayer dollars, to extort the president of Ukraine. 

The reports say Trump withheld nearly $400 million, authorized to be sent to Ukraine for military defense, because he wanted the European country to help him conjure up fake corruption on Joe Biden, his political rival, and his son Hunter. 

I wasn’t surprised. Why are you? 

Problems from childhood 

Trump experienced deprivations of self-esteem in childhood. He, like his father and grandfather, lied to self-promote and develop a deep attachment to devilish achievement. 

Trump lies to make himself feel worthy, and that mental illusion drives him to search for ways to have power over others. 

His lies about the “deep state,” his rationale that other presidents committed crimes and misconduct and his tweets that disparages everyone that disagrees with him doesn’t really bring him happiness. He is constantly depressed, recalcitrant and reactionary!

Opponents of Donald Trump feel they are walking on political eggshells because they realize if they attack Trump, like they should, the White males that control national, state and local politics might circle the wagons against Trump’s opposing office holders. 

No Democratic response 

The Republican Party media machine is running over the silent Democratic spokesmen. What the Democratic Party has is a failure to communicate. When Donald Trump attacks truth, law, patriotism and the American way, Trump’s lies should be met quickly and tempestuously!

When Trump supporters are deployed to spread their lies to all news networks, supporters of political law, equal rights and justice should be sent out to tell the truth in a parallel manner. 

The Democrats’ most loyal base is never contracted, hired or encouraged to rile up the Black base. When 70 percent of Black voters go to the polls, no Republican can win a rat race. 

If you want to impeach Donald Trump, conservative White GOP senators will have to vote for his removal and that’s unlikely. If you want to remove the president’s puppets, Black voters across the nation have to rise up and vote up because White voters are divided and Black voters usually vote one way for one party. 

Let’s take the power 

In politics, you have to strike while the iron is hot. People that want good government have to explain why Trump should be impeached in brief, factual and easy-to-understand terms today and every day! 

If good people want good government and political power, they have to take it!

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