Biden is consistent in not delivering for Black Americans


During the 36 years Biden represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate, the poverty rate of Wilmington, its largest and most populous city, climbed steadily.

By 2017 the poverty rate was 27 percent. One out of every 3.7 residents of Wilmington lived in poverty. Among Black residents of Wilmington, Delaware 34.2 percent lived below the poverty line

The University of Delaware Black Community Research Project released a report titled, “Racial Disparities in Delaware Remain Deep”. The report  found, “racial disparities in educational outcomes, employment, income distribution, and housing remained a severe issue in Delaware.”

Poverty rise

According  to the News Journal, “Since the 1970s, there has been no significant closure in the poverty gap between blacks and whites in Delaware.

In 2015, two out of every ten blacks in Delaware lived in poverty compared to only one in ten Whites.

Delaware was one of only two states to see a rise in its poverty rate between 2016 and 2017, according to data released in the U.S. Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey.”

Given Joe Biden’s position in government, why was this alarming trend of Black poverty not important enough for him to make this issue his legislative or funding priority?

Joe Biden was absolutely content to watch the decline of the Black family spiral out of control in his own backyard. He offered no solutions to give Blacks a fighting chance to achieve their American Dream.

If Biden did nothing, having ample opportunities in government leadership positions to
help blacks, then what can he do for us now?

As a mother of three Black children, I can’t imagine such a heartless representation of an elected official that’s content to see our Black children and families fail.

Never delivered

To make matters worse, Joe Biden held the second highest office in this county for eight years serving with America’s first black President, Barack Obama, and did nothing to offer solutions to help Back families.

Biden did not lift a finger to even help Blacks in his own backyard of Delaware to break
through the pitfalls of poverty, and now he wants voters to trust him.

He wants us to believe that as president he will finally get a conscience and a vision to do something different than his past. My mother used to say, a leopard never changes his spots. So—when Joe Biden shows you who he is, believe him.

The only thing Joe Biden has been consistent with is not delivering for blacks.

Jennifer S. Carroll is Florida’s 18th lieutenant governor.



  1. This crazy woman talks as if tons is black Floridians are living comfortably in the middle class. An Obvious lapdog for this president


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