Beware of the shackles on your bankrolls


The ancestors of African Americans were kidnapped from the shores of their Motherland and transported to America on slave ships to make European colonizers filthy rich.

From day one of our American existence, the status of Black people in this capitalist society has always been about the money.

Here’s the truth

The history that President Trump and his conservative supporters and followers want to
preserve and remember is the history of racist exploitation and oppression!

Statues are coming down somewhat. Building and street names are slowing changing. But the life of slaves and the lives of the descendants of slave are eerily similar.

Chains have been removed from our hands and ankles, but shackles on our bankrolls have been impossible to remove.

Economic racism

Protestors are correct in opposing police brutality and law enforcement misconduct. They are right to be angry about bad governance, housing disparities, unaffordable health care, employment problems and substandard educational facilities and educational opportunities.

However, the protesting youth must stand up and speak out against economic racism!

Most African Americans don’t have many problems that money can’t solve.

Our lack of access to capital constantly prevents us from progressing here and in other countries and nations around the world.

Racist economic practices and other money plots and schemes by the rich and powerful are intended to keep the masses of people of color from starting a business and financing higher education for adult Blacks and their children.

Hurdles in our way

The biggest obstacles to Black progress are the roadblocks and obstructions Black people have in trying to purchase homes, land and property.

“Redlining” is often looked at by Whites and Blacks as a thing of the past, but the practice has never left and is even more widespread than ever before.

Redlining  is a discriminatory practice in real estate, typically involving mortgage lenders  that refuse to lend money or extend credit to borrowers in certain areas of town.  The term can also apply when real estate agents follow similar practices in showing homes.

Right now, banks, mortgage companies and other lenders are conspiring with accountants, appraisers, builders and more to change the face of all America, urban and rural.

This happens often

It is not unusual for banks to lend to White people million-dollar loans on their signatures even though they just filed for bankruptcy. But a Black person with $100,000 cash in the bank can’t even get a $35,000 loan. In essence, you can’t even borrow your own money, let alone get a dime from the beast’s bank stash.

Credit devils don’t work for citizens seeking access to capital.

A White secretary making minimum wages that has a 550 credit score can get a home loan for $400,000 to purchase a home. But you can have a 650 credit score and make $90,000 a year and still can’t get a loan to buy a $200,000 home!

Why? Because TransUnion, Experian and other credit scorers won’t help you because you’re Black! Instead of trying to help you get financed, they try their best to find any little reason to deny you.

Doesn’t matter to them

Credit crooks will tell you that you are a credit risk because you were late twice in 20 years. Then when you say, “That loan was paid off in full two years ago,” the credit companies won’t care if you pay off your bills or not.

Why is it that someone living in a trailer park can get a loan to buy an upscale house on a halfacre in a gentrified Black neighborhood, but a Black person in a big house can’t get a small loan to downsize to a small condo?

Well, the beast bankers and credit crooks are tricky. They make all Black financial customers look risky and all Whites seeking access to capital appear to be financial worthy.

We can do things, we can buy things and we can build our owns homes and businesses in our communities. But we must work together and educate our people about how money works and how wealth is achieved.

We have owned assets

The youngest protestors may not know it, but a rudimentary Black history check will reveal we had houses, banks, hotels, taxis, cleaners, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, media companies, insurance companies, professional sports teams, etc., in the same cities and towns where you reside today.

African Americans need to keep Black money in Black communities as much as we can like Cubans, Jews, Asians and other ethnic groups do.

As far as wealth building in Black communities and Black nations, I know how to do that
too, but not in this column. That discussion may be in my soon-to-be-released book.

Don’t be fooled

All I can say is the people you love with billion-dollar assets are really not independently wealthy.

Devilish beast bankers and credit crooks will allow Negroes they can control to get a little paper. But little paper is not Bezos, Buffet or Gates type of money!

To do better in America and in other countries, it is not enough to say, “I love the economic and political powers that be. “Just like relationships, progress takes love and money.

To put up a good money fight, we have to unite! You can take the shackles off your bankrolls. I have a plan to show you how. Keep reading The Gantt Report.

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